Startup Spotlight: Data Mining with SimQly

As a developer you no doubt like to tinker. Many professionals in our community develop all day and when work is done - develop all night too on their own projects. If you have a fledgling business on the side, it's worth checking out what you can get from the BizSpark programme.

One of the awesome startups to come through our BizSpark programme and our partner, the Lightning Lab, is SimQly. SimQly's CEO, Jiao Xie, is our guest editor this week. She shares her experiences below.

For most of us who aren't from stats or data science background, finding significant patterns in large, complex data is becoming increasingly difficult. Traditional methods rely on asking the right question to get the right answer. This means we can only find what we're looking for. presents an automatic data exploration solution. Programmed in R - a data analytics language used by data experts - the data mining algorithms automatically calculate correlations of every pair-based relationships in tabular format data and surface all patterns that are statistically significant. By automating data exploration users can now focus on assessing and making good use of the findings rather than spending most of their time taking a trial-and-error approach to fish for insights.

We've embedded this technology in our product to help consumer goods retailers automatically identify promotional and growth opportunities from their Point-of-Sale data.

As an early stage startup, hosting our technology on Microsoft Azure's virtual machine allowed us to build, deploy, and have the flexibility to modify our product at a scalable level from Day 1. For example, on top of SimQly, we were able to quickly prototype an automatic basket analysis module and tested it with small/medium size retailers. Based on the user feedback, we can also easily add or remove function modules. Last but not least, as a cloud-based data product, our customers can fully trust us with their data, thanks to Azure's data security assurance.

Our mission is to make the search for insights easy and accessible for everyone.

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