An #hourofcode. A language for life.


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An #hourofcode. A language for life.
Last week was Computer Science Education Week. As part of this, a non-profit that encourages students to learn computer science, lead the #hourofcode.

Microsoft New Zealand joined the #hourofcode in partnership with OMGTech!, Code Club and the High Tech Youth Network. Together they brought coding to thousands of Kiwi students via online tutorials at 

Kiwi kids as young as 5 had a blast with the Minecraft, ‘Frozen’ and Star Wars themed tutorials.  

Dr Michelle Dickinson, Co-Founder of OMGTech! and Board Member for Code Club Aotearoa, says coding is not just a language for computer programmers. “By understanding how your computer works we can be empowered to … write and create technology to help shape our future,” she says. 

For more information on how you can get involved visit:

Carry on your good work outside of Computer Science Week with help from free tools and software through the DreamSpark programme. Here’s a walk through of accessing the benefits.

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