Spend Two Days with Windows Azure



Spend Two Days with Windows Azure

One of our Windows Azure Training Workshops will get you hands-on with the latest Azure technologies and development tools. There will be presentations and hands-on labs, so you'll get practical experience all day long.

We'll cover the basics and beyond, so whether you're new to Windows Azure or you want to try out its newly-released services, you'll get what you came for. We'll start with the basics, and build up to more advanced topics throughout this two-day event.

The target audience for these events include Developers, Architects, and Development leads – and the sessions are targeted around the 300-level.

Attendee Prerequisites

Although we will provide the lab computers and lab manuals required for the hands-on segments of the event, each attendee will need to have an Azure subscription ready-to-rock before the event kicks off:

IMPORTANT! We ask that you activate your Windows Azure subscription (or sign up for a new free trial) before you arrive at the event. If you have not yet created and activated your subscription, please go to the appropriate page here, and follow the provided instructions:

MSDN Subscription Offer

BizSpark Startup Offer

MPN Partner Offer

90-day Free Trial



This two day event contains lecture-style sessions as well as hands-on labs. Although it is subject to change, the current plan looks something like this:

Day 1

- Windows Azure Overview
- Windows Azure Web Sites
- Windows Azure Cloud Services
- Hands-on Lab
- Windows Azure Virtual Machines & Virtual Networks

Day 2

- Introduction to Data in Windows Azure
- Hands-on Lab
- Windows Azure Service Bus, Security & Identity
- Hands-on Lab
- Building Connected Windows 8 Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services
- Hands-on Lab



This event is brought to you by Microsoft New Zealand, and is provided free of charge. However, delegates are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel and accommodation.



Feel free to email msdnnz@microsoft.com



Although the events are free, places are strictly limited.








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