Windows Phone Community Roadshow 2012


We have a competition with three prize categories. Submit your app by emailing with a brief description and a link to your app on the Windows Phone Marketplace, by 31st March 2012. You must have a New Zealand Windows Phone Marketplace Account to enter.* Terms and conditions are set out below.

Be Lucky ::
Win 1 of 3 Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash) Windows Phones!
Each and every app submitted will go in the draw to win 1 of 3 Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash) Windows Phones. This is purely a game of chance so, as long as your app is published (passes through the certification process to become available on the Windows Phone Marketplace) then you have as good a chance as any.

Be Great ::
Win 1 of 3 Samsung Focus S Windows Phones!
The three best apps submitted to the competition (as judged by Microsoft) can each win a Samsung Focus S Windows Phone. So if you're not happy with the random draw described above, make sure to spend some time on your app to create something that will really impress the panel of judges!

Be Creative ::
Win 1 of 3 Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phones!
If you want to win Nokia's highly-anticipated first Windows Phone, simply submit FIVE apps to the competition, and you're in the draw to win one of three Nokia Lumia 800s. Given how amazing this prize is, not just any app will make the cut, your five apps can't include follow-my-feed, app-maker or other online-tool-created apps. Don't worry, we won't be asking the impossible but put your thinking caps on!

*And as if you needed another reason to start developing for Windows Phone, be one of the first 100 people to email a screenshot of your ready-to-publish app to and receive a complimentary one-year Windows Phone Marketplace Developer Account valued at NZD$149!* This one-year Marketplace subscription lets you publish free, paid, or ad-funded apps and games. You can submit unlimited paid apps to Windows Phone Marketplace, and up to 100 free apps. Note that Windows Phone Marketplace Developer Accounts will be issued in the form of activation tokens only to the first 100 people to email a screenshot of your ready-to-publish app to


There you have it.

The 2012 Windows Phone Community Roadshow Competition.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your apps ASAP...




Windows Phone 2012 Competition - Terms and Conditions:


1. By entering this competition you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. To be eligible for the competition, you must be a New Zealand Resident using a New Zealand Windows Phone Marketplace Account.

How to enter

3. To enter you must:

(a) email with your contact email, mobile phone number, a link to your new Windows Phone Application on the Windows Phone Marketplace, and a few sentences describing the application’s functionality; and

(b) have your new Windows Phone application published to the Windows Phone Marketplace between 20 February 2012 and 31 March 2012. The only allowable exception to this time constraint is the grace period specified in clause 4. Publication of applications on the Windows Phone Marketplace is subject to the terms of the Application Provider Agreement (updated June 2011) for Windows Phone Marketplace.

4. Grace period: If your application is in the process of being certified for publication at the end of this promotion period (that is, at 11:59pm on 31 March 2012) Microsoft will still accept your entry provided you email a screenshot of your application and a screenshot of the pending certification to by 11.59pm on 31 March 2012. You will still be eligible for the competition if your application is published by 13 April 2012.

5. Restrictions on Applications: Applications must be free for Marketplace users to download.

6. Prizes and award criteria:

(a) Be Creative: Of those individuals with five or more valid entries, each and every valid application submitted will go in the draw to win 1 of 3 Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phones. Valid applications must be published under the same Windows Marketplace account, and must be submitted from the same email address. For this prize, unlike all other prizes, each application submitted cannot be a follow-my-feed, app-maker, or other online-tool-created applications. The judges reserve the right not to select a winner if entries are judged not to be of the required standard.

(b) Be Great: The three best submitted applications (as judged by Microsoft) and published on the Windows Phone Marketplace will win 1 of 3 Samsung Focus S Windows Phones.

(c) Be Lucky: Each and every valid entry submitted for an application published on the Windows Phone Marketplace will go in the draw to win 1 of 3 Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash) Windows Phones.

7. Prizes will be awarded in the following order. You can only receive one prize. Each entrant who receives a prize is ineligible to receive an additional prize in a later prize award category.

(a) Be Creative: the winners (up to 3) of the Be Creative prize will be awarded first;

(b) Be Great: the 3 winners of the Be Great prize will be awarded second; and

(c) Be Lucky: the 3 winners of the Be Lucky prize will be awarded last.


8. Prizes will be allocated on the 16th of April 2012, and winners will be notified by the 4th of May 2012, via the email and/or contact phone number provided when the application link/description was emailed to as specified in clause 3.

9. Microsoft is not responsible for entries not received and incomplete, illegible, 'hacked' or otherwise fraudulent entries are not valid.

10. Prizes will be delivered to the New Zealand address the winner nominates, at Microsoft's expense.

11. It is a condition of accepting any prize that the prize winner agrees to participant in publicity generated by Microsoft (or Microsoft’s marketing partners), and agrees to the use of their name, photo, application name, and application link for promotional purposes.

12. Employees of Microsoft (and each of their immediate family members) and independent contractors of Microsoft (and each of their immediate family members) are not eligible to enter.

13. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. If you are unable or unwilling to accept your prize, Microsoft may award it to an alternate winner.

14. If you accept a prize you will be solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to accepting the prize.

15. If for any reason an advertised prize is unavailable, Microsoft may substitute the advertised prize for another prize which has approximately the same recommended retail price.

16. If there is a dispute as to who submitted the winning entry, the winner will be the authorized account holder of the Marketplace Account used to publish the Windows Phone Application. Applications submitted in to the draw must be submitted by the actual owner of the Marketplace Account.

17. Microsoft New Zealand Limited is the promoter of this prize draw and may modify these terms and conditions without notice.

18. Microsoft reserves the right to cancel, suspend or change the competition or any element of the competition for any reason, including any cancellation, suspension or change necessitated by any event outside Microsoft’s control.

19. The judge's decision in relation to the winners or any other aspect of this prize draw is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

20. Microsoft may disqualify, from participating in this prize draw, any person who tampers with the entry process, or submits an entry not in accordance with these terms and conditions.

21. Microsoft is committed to complying with the Government gift and ethics policies. Employees and independent contractors of the Government must adhere to gift and ethics policies applicable to them when entering this prize draw or accepting any prize.

22. Microsoft is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, servers or providers, or any combination thereof. Nor is it responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information caused by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilised in this prize draw, or by any technical or human error that may occur in the course of the administration of this prize draw.

23. To the extent permitted by law, Microsoft, its retailers, suppliers, associated companies and agencies will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever, including personal injury, which is suffered as a result of, or arising from, your participation in the prize draw or winning (or not winning) any prize.

24. At Microsoft, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Microsoft will collect and use your details for the purposes of running this prize draw and to send you promotional material that may be of interest to you, as set out in clause 26 below. You can access or request correction of your details by emailing

25. By entering this competition, you consent to Microsoft New Zealand Limited sending you marketing and promotional material by email or using any of your other contact details Microsoft may have.

26. Microsoft reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold the award of any or all prizes if entries do not meet the criteria set out in these terms and conditions.

Comments (10)

  1. John says:

    Will the roadshows be suitable for newbies starting out or more targeted at experienced developers?

  2. Brett says:

    Firstly, this is a great initiative so full marks to you guys for running them! A bit confused over the prize giveaways though – the sessions are intended to get people in to writing windows phone apps, but you're only eligible to win the prizes if you have  ALREADY written (and published!) phone apps?? Err, what…?

  3. David Steele (Microsoft NZ) says:

    Hi John! Absolutely – no prior knowledge is assumed, so come along for great tips and tricks. Some demos will use code, but some won't, so it should be a well-rounded workshop.

    Hi Brett! Sorry for the confusion – the prizes are to incentivise people to go away and build apps, once they leave the session. The competition runs from 20 February (the start of the roadshow) until the end of March – giving people 4-6 weeks to build an app, after the event. So no, you don't need to have built apps ALREADY but, if you are capable, feel free to start early! Hope that makes sense?!

  4. Brett says:

    Ah! Right sorry – i hadn't noticed the closing date was after the events! In which case, yes, NOW i'm on board… 😉

  5. JustMe says:

    Can these be paid app as well or only free apps?

  6. David Steele (Microsoft NZ) says:

    Hi 'JustMe'! To be eligible for the competition, the apps that you submit must be free for Marketplace users to download (clause 5, in the Ts & Cs). Feel free to create a free version and a paid version, and just submit the free version to the competition. Alternatively, it is possible for developers to add a price to a previously-free app, after the competition ends.

  7. JustMe says:

    For free apps…do trial applications count?

  8. Gary says:

    Can I submit trial apps as these are free but have a BUY FULL VERSION button on them?

  9. Daniel Ballinger says:

    Does the free version need to be a public marketplace listing?

    If not, I'd prefer to use a fully functional trial version rather than putting the price up after to competition.

  10. David Steele (Microsoft NZ) says:

    Hi 'JustMe', Gary, and Daniel – sorry, trial apps count as paid apps. Free must mean free. If you have a great idea that you are intent on keeping as a paid app, submit something else to the competition instead… :'(

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