Visual Studio 2011, Application Lifecycle Management and Lightswitch 2011

It’s never been a more exciting time for Development tools. We are on the brink of a whole new wave of favourites like Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server and a new addition in Visual Studio LightSwitch. There are a host of language enhancements such as C#’s new Async support coming, as well as IDE improvements. We can now use Visual Studio 11 to build compelling metro applications.
The ALM tools (my own personal favourite) are looking amazing. Agile Development is at the heart of the new version. The new Agile Project Management Tools including the task board will provide great support for agile teams.

There are also improvements to version control (no more read only files!), Lab Management and some brand new features like code review, storyboarding and stakeholder feedback. If you don’t want to manage your own Team Foundation Server instance or want easy shared access then the new Team Foundation Server on Azure could be for you.

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch gives us another great option for building applications. I guarantee that you will be surprised how quickly you can build business applications that can be deployed to the Desktop or Cloud. There are also a bunch of Starter Kits that are available for download that can be customized to fit your business needs.

All of this is available to try right now. What are you waiting for? Start with the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and try Visual Studio LightSwitch free for 90 days. There is a waiting list that you can sign up for to get an account on the Team Foundation Server Preview on Azure. However I have 20 to give away to those who email me at the address below, so if you can’t wait then get in touch!


Rob Maher
Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management MVP
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Comments (2)

  1. Supreet says:

    Hi Rob,

      Would love to get one of those accounts for Azure TFS 🙂 thanks 🙂

  2. daryl.ooh says:

    Supreet, could you please email for the account?

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