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Welcome back!

One thing I’ve learnt working for Microsoft is
that the US doesn’t shut down over the break. The web team in Redmond has been
particularly busy
 releasing a bunch of new
 at the recent CodeMash event
earlier in the month.

So what did we

Last month we released the Beta
of VS 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Included in this service pack is support for
the new
 IIS Express 7.5 and tooling support for SQL CE 4.
There are
 many more details on Scott
Guthrie’s blog
 and a great rollup of all the links. 

How are we supporting
the new web stuff that is coming through?

We shipped ASP.NET MVC 3. Included
is a new additional view-engine called
 “Razor” and
richer JavaScript scenarios that take advantage of
 emerging HTML5 capabilities. Check out this tutorial to teach you the basics. 

Wow this is getting
deep! How are you supporting the newbies?

In addition to all these great products we
released WebMatrix. WebMatrix elegantly integrates IIS
Express, SQL Compact and programming frameworks (ASP.NET and PHP) into a
single, integrated experience. Laurence Moroney wrote a great tutorial for
those who are new to Web development and want to
 get started with WebMatrix. 

What about reference
examples? I learn best when I have best practice code to learn from.

Have you seen the All-In-One Code Framework?
It aims to be a one-stop experience for developers searching for and requesting
code samples from Microsoft. Also we have Orchard (a free, open source,
community based project) that provides Content Management System (CMS) and
Blogging support out of the box. Orchard itself is built as an ASP.NET MVC 3
application using Razor view templates (and by default uses SQL CE 4 for data
 Read these tutorials to learn

What about the Cloud?
Isn’t Microsoft “All In”?

Take a look at Deploying Orchard to Windows Azure and Steve
Marx’s post on
 how to deploy WebMatrix
applications to Windows Azure
. If you are an MSDN subscriber you can
 activate your Windows Azure platform benefits as well. 

But you didn’t
mention Windows Phone 7!

Ok slightly off topic but because you asked for
it, I have written a blog post on using
Windows Azure with Windows Phone 7, HTML5 and iPhone.


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