Team One Beep from University of Auckland, Winner of Imagine Cup 2010 New Zealand

Team One Beep have focused on the One Laptop Per Child programme and its 1.4 million deployed laptops. They have come up with an inexpensive and robust method to solve the problem of sending educational content to these laptops, which are sent out to impoverished schools and communities in areas of the world where there are no phone lines, let alone internet services. The solution involves using Team One Beep's software to package a file of educational data as audio to be sent via radio waves. This can be received by any cheap AM/FM radio which passes it on to the laptop. The file is then converted back to its original form once it has been received on the children's laptop, ready to be viewed.

The winning team will be representing New Zealand in the World Wide Finals in Poland this July. We wish them the best of luck! In the meantime, follow the Imagine Cup team and their journey to the World Wide Finals on Facebook or Twitter.

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