Silverlight 3 Released

Silverlight 3 Released

Silverlight 3 was released to the web on Saturday along with it a new release candidate build of Expression Blend 3 that includes SketchFlow.


Check out the new C9 Video – with Scott Guthrie & Christian Schormann

Tim Heuer has a great post on what is new and what has changed.

To install all the new bits take a trip over to

For Deep Zoom there is a new version of Deep Zoom Composer which brings back source code and an updated version of RiaServices at 

Christian has just posted SketchFlow Concepts: An Overview and there is are new Blend 3 and Web 3 overview videos available.

Check out which is the official launch site that has recently gone live.

Also there are new landing pages for

Check out the Top Silverlight Features especially the new extensible media format support with RAW AV rocks!


It is great to see that the community has already started cutting code with the new bits!

There are a couple of great Silverlight 3 Out of  Browser Examples that are great as well.


Stay tuned to the Silverlight and Expression Studio Virtual Press Room and Twitter for more updates!

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  1. onlinepoker says:


    cant wait to download the new plugin.

    However watching olympic 2008 through streamming on silverlight was not a bad experience.

    hope to check it out soon.

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