MSDN Flash Christmas Special

Welcome to the MSDN Flash Christmas Special,

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As work winds down for the year developers all over NZ are venturing out into the sunlight. Like any good movement some will be left behind. If you find yourself stationed by a computer and are looking for something to fill your days look no further!

Following on from the Coding4Fun Talk at PDC (Watch the session video) Dan Fernandez and team have released the Coding4Fun book just in time for the holidays (listen to the Hanselminute podcast). The book comes complete with ten interesting .NET projects. My personal favourite is WiiEarthVR a fully immersive 3D experience with Virtual Earth 3D by Brian Peek.

If Coding4Fun is not your thing, check out the projects over at Microsoft Research. One that I have been using extensively and can highly recommend is Microsoft Image Composite Editor.

Along with Parallel Programming, Genetic Programming is getting quite a bit of coverage of late. I love this little .Net example. Make sure you grab the source code from here.

Have you heard that NUI is the new GUI?

If you are getting a new computer for Christmas I hope it is an HP TouchSmart IQ800 series or the Dell Latitude XT. That way you can load Windows 7 onto it and build MultiTouch applications using .NET 4.0.

Happy Coding everyone and have a very Merry Christmas!

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