Tech.Ed 2008 Australia: 20% Discount for NZ customers!

With NZ Tech.Ed selling out so quickly, we know there are many disappointed customers who missed out on securing tickets. An option for some may be to attend Tech.Ed 2008 Australia which will be held in Sydney on 2-5 Sep 2008. Tech.Ed Australia features the same tracks and many of the same speakers as the NZ event. To help counter the additional travel costs, we have been able to secure a 20% discount on Tech.Ed Australia registrations (reduced to $1,600 AUD including GST from $1,999 AUD). This offer is available only to NZ based customers. To register and take advantage of this offer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Tech.Ed 2008 Australia Homepage -

  2. Click on the register now button

  3. Select Tech.Ed 2008 only registration

  4. Select Code Customer

  5. Enter the NZ delegates code: NZT899 and continue with registration process.

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