Hotfix to Enable Mini-Filter Performance Diagnostics With XPerf for Windows Server 2008R2

Greetings ntdebugging community, Bob here again and today I would like to let everyone know about a new feature implemented in Windows Server 2008 R2’s kernel and filter manager binaries released in knowledge base article 2666390.   Beginning with this update, a minifilter that is adversely affecting system performance can be identified in Windows 2008…


Video: Using XPERF to root cause CPU consumption

Hi Debuggers,   Here is a short video showing how to root cause CPU consumption issues on Vista/Server 2008 and higher operating systems with Xperf.   For this scenario, Xperf is an easy to implement and powerful replacement for previous actions like gathering a series of dumps during the CPU, kernrate data, perfmon, other profilers, etc.  …


We Need Your XPERF Feedback

Hi,   This is Tate asking for your direct and valuable feedback on XPerf (The Windows Performance Toolkit).  We are knee deep in working with the creators of the tool (The Windows Fundamentals Team) to provide end user feedback which will drive features for the next version. Now that you as our readers have seen…

Using Xperf to investigate slow I/O issues

Debuggers, Here’s another short video of the type of triage possible with Xperf, this time Bob shows us how to track down a slow I/O issue. Since I/O Manager is instrumented at IoCallDriver and IoCompleteRequest we can often use this information to diagnose a Slow I/O or SAN issue. The steps to enable the tracing…


XPERF DEMO: Michael Morales demonstrates the Windows Profiling Tool

In this video Michael introduces the sample based profiling tool named XPERF. He also demonstrates how to use the tool to uncover high DPC’s, and Disk I/O’s. If you would like to see more XPERF blogs on ntdebugging please send your feedback using the email link at the top of the blog site. Feel free to leave comments…


Part 1: Tate Calhoun presents Xperf at the 2009 Microsoft GEC

  Xperf was created by the Windows Fundamentals team to analyze system and application performance. Tate walks through the use of the new tool and shows how to analyze the data for specific scenarios. The slide deck is available from the attachment link below. Share this post : Tatec_Xperf.pptx