Virtual Machine Managment Hangs on Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Host

Hi, my name is Christian Sträßner from the Global Escalation Services team based in Munich, Germany. Today we will look at a hang scenario that involves user and kernel dump analysis.  Also, we will demonstrate how to analyze a hang from both user and kernel modes without forcing a crash dump of the machine.  …


Great power. Great responsibility.

When it comes to the registry, administrators are given great power to manually configure Windows to suit their needs, but even slight, seemingly innocuous changes to a particular key or value can have a drastic impact on basic operations of the system, even affecting its ability to boot properly.   I recently had the pleasure…


How To Deadlock Yourself (Don’t Do This)

Some APIs should come with a warning in big red letters saying “DANGER!”, or perhaps more subtly “PROCEED WITH CAUTION”.  One such API is ExSetResourceOwnerPointer. Although the documentation contains an explanation of what limited activity you can do with the resource after making this call, its warning is not very strongly worded.   You may…


What Did Storport Do With My I/O?

In a previous article I showed how to track an I/O request from the filesystem, through the class driver, and to the storage driver.  In that article I concluded with "From this data we can usually assume that the request has been sent to the disk drive and we are waiting for the disk to…


Debugging Backwards: Proving root cause

Matt Burrough here again.  On rare occasions when debugging, we’ll actually know (or strongly suspect) what the root cause of a problem is at the beginning of our analysis – but we still need to investigate to confirm our assertion.  The following is a case study for an issue I worked on recently where the…


What Is In A RHS Dump File Created By Windows Error Reporting

Hello all, East here.  I wanted to give you a hint on how to use a RHS dump to find what thread was part of the Windows Server 2008 R2 cluster RHS recovery deadlock.   First let me start off with letting you know that Windows Server 2008 R2 will create two types of user-mode…


CSI Debugging – Uncovering the cause of a Server Hang

My name is Nischay Anikar from the Escalation Engineer team in Global Escalation Services. In today’s post I’ll present a weird problem I worked through with a client. When we started to work on the problem, we found the following: Ping to the box worked. Keyboard was responding. Shares on the system were accessible remotely….


Debugging a Hang at “Applying Computer Settings”

Hi Everyone – My name is Aman. I’m an Escalation Engineer on the Microsoft GES (Global Escalation Services) team. We recently came across a critical situation where-in the following issues were reported by the customer:   1.       DC login hangs at “applying computer settings” regardless of RDP or local console. 2.       Connecting to the server…


Red alert! My Server is hung – what do I do?

So you have a dump from a hung server and you’re the first person on the scene. Your IT Manager is jumping up and down, the phone is ringing off the hook and people are hovering outside your cube.  It’s game time and the pressure is on!!!  Now what do you do?    Well take…