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Working on the Global Escalation Services Team at Microsoft is really a cool gig. We’re privileged to work on several different Windows components at a very deep level so life is never boring. Here’s a list of the articles coming from the group in the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy!

Ron Stock

STORPORT Logging - Bob Golding discusses Storport logging. Beginning with the new versions, it is now possible to measure timing statistics for requests made to a system’s disk unit. These measurements are taken at the lowest possible level of OS interaction with the storage adapter hardware, making it much easier to diagnose storage performance issues.

Walking through a crash dump analysis – Chad Beeder walks through a debug.

Understanding !PTE Part 2 and Part 3 – Continuation of Ryan’s 3 part series

How DPM implements VSS – Dennis Middleton gives a high level view of how DPM implements the VSS API’s to manage replicas. 

How Hyper-V does backups of running VM’s - Another article from Dennis

Pushlocks – Mark Lloyd discusses why it's important to use only published APIs.

Debugger Extension Blog – Ryan’s work with debugger extensions.

Comments (3)

  1. Miro says:

    Look very interresting, cannot wait for them!

  2. PJ says:

    Looking forward to that ‘Debugger Extension Blog’.  I have done some CRAZY work with WinDbg extensions lately.  Including writing template based classes to pull objects out of DMP files, in order to pass them back through utility functions.  I posted about it on stackoverflow:  


  3. Vikrant says:

    Looking forward for Storport Logging , Crashdump and pushlocks !!

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