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Debuggers - This is the list of the upcoming articles “in the works”.

The Story of a Hung Box
ETW_BlogPost_ETW Introduction and Overview
ETW_BlogPost_Exploring and Decoding ETW...
Got Stack?   No. We ran out and kv won’t tell me why!
Part 2: Got Stack?   No. We ran out and kv won’t tell me why!
WMI: Finding provider binary

Also we’re planning to blog about the cool features in Windows 7 and 2008 R2 with debugging in mind. Feel free to send your feedback to help us tweak the blog.


Ron Stock

Comments (4)

  1. If it takes so much time to write quality articles, why don’t you just record (on video) some talks between developers?

    I very much prefer text to video, but I wouldn’t mind video if that means more information published in the same time.

  2. de_bug says:

    Perhaps you could focus a bit more on 64 bit environments is something I’d be looking for. Posts such as the ‘Challenges of Debugging Optimized x64 Code’ (January)…

  3. Marc Sherman says:

    Thanks. Looking forward to them!

  4. LanMan says:

    How about "Things windbg is telling trying to tell you and what do they mean"?  As in stuff that doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere, like when you do a !VM on a manually created crash dump of a misbehaving server and see this…

    ******* 11104 system cache map requests have failed ******

    When (at least at this point) there are plenty of PTEs.  Something was obviously low….but what?


    ********** 26804 pool allocations have failed **********

    when there seems to be plenty pool available…but maybe we were really low earlier?

    I’ll have to think of some other examples…..

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