Debug Nugget: DumpConfigurator Utility

Hi - my name is Naresh and I am a Sr. Escalation Engineer on the Microsoft GES platforms team. Today I'm discussing a simple, yet powerful GUI tool used to configure a Windows system locally or remotely for a memory dump. The name of the tool is DumpConfigurator.hta and it can be accessed from CodePlex.  Check out the following Microsoft KB article which references the use of the tool.

969028  How to generate a kernel or a complete memory dump file in Windows Server 2008;EN-US;969028


The tool can be used with all currently supported versions of the Windows Operating System. Once you download it, launch it with Administrator privileges to get the following UI: 


The GUI is self-explanatory and all the settings can be edited and saved by clicking Save Settings. The system will have to be rebooted for the settings to take effect.
NOTE: Read the Warranty Disclaimer for the tool before use:)


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