XPERF DEMO: Michael Morales demonstrates the Windows Profiling Tool

In this video Michael introduces the sample based profiling tool named XPERF. He also demonstrates how to use the tool to uncover high DPC’s, and Disk I/O’s. If you would like to see more XPERF blogs on ntdebugging please send your feedback using the email link at the top of the blog site. Feel free to leave comments too.

Location of the video: http://ittv.net/DesktopModules/UltraVideoGallery/uvg.swf?vId=419&portalId=0

BTW  - I’m working on making a downloadable version for off-line viewing. Stay Tuned.

Link to Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit



Link to XPerf version 4.5. This ships with the Win7 SDK below.



We look forward to your feedback!

Ron Stock

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  1. GS says:


    Just watched your video for XPERF troubleshooting. Thanks a lot – very helpfull.

    I have one question/suggestion though. It’s all clear when you are you troubleshooting high CPU utilization (be it kernel/process, DPCs etc) since you can see that in task manager. But how can you possibly know that you IO is suffering since you can not see disk lights on server no taskmanager will tell you that there is an issue with high IO. I usually add "page fault delta" into task manager to see if there is heavy paging happening but this will be usually indication of RAM shortage and not issue with HDD. So how do you exactly figure out that you need to troubleshoot disk IO perfomance if all you remote console access to your server?



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