T.Roy from CodeMachine presents ‘Supporting Support’ at the 2009 Microsoft GEC


Developer and Technical support folks have to deal with crashes and hangs day in & day out. In many cases ONE crash dump is all they have to 'root cause' a problem, and often critical pieces of information required to nail down a problem are missing from that one crash dump. In this talk T.Roy from CodeMachine (http://www.codemachine.com/) discusses simple programming techniques to improve diagnosing problems in your code which will help support folks get more out of the crash dumps. This should enable them to determine root cause of an issue from a single crash dump, and should prevent having to ask the customer to reproduce the problem again to get another crash dump. The PDF slides for this presentation are available in the link below.

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Comments (2)

  1. Greg says:

    Is there video or audio of this talk available? Thx.


  2. Update June 9, 2009 – Sorry for the delay on the ‘coming soon’:) I added a few links. We’re tweaking

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