Part 2: Tate Calhoun presents Xperf at the 2009 Microsoft GEC


Xperf was created by the Windows Fundamentals team to analyze system and application performance. Tate walks through the use of the new tool and shows how to analyze the data for specific scenario's. The slide deck is available from the attachment link below.

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Comments (4)

  1. calin iaru says:

    can you make the video available for download? this way we can view them offline.

  2. Update June 9, 2009 – Sorry for the delay on the ‘coming soon’:) I added a few links. We’re tweaking

  3. xperfer says:

    Hey – where’d the video go? Soapbox can’t find it!

    [I’m investigating ^ronsto.]

  4. Er says:

    Still gone after all this time

    How hard can it be to put in a working URL?

    Hello?  Is this thing on?

     <DIV class=commentowner>[ I’ll have it up in the next week. -Ronsto ]</DIV>


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