Global Engineering Conference

The Global Escalation Services team at Microsoft hosted the 1st annual Global Engineering Conference on February 25th & 26th. This year’s theme of “Building the Engineering Community” was centered around our efforts to increase knowledge sharing, collaboration, and best practices throughout the engineering community.  We hope you enjoy these sessions and look forward to your attendance next year.


The conference was held virtually via Live Meeting with Q&A sessions following every presentation.

Each recorded presentation will be accompanied with a link to the corresponding slide deck.


Day 1:


T. Roy founder of

T. Roy presented on instrumentation techniques for developers and engineers who instrument binaries to help resolve complex operating system problems.


Mark Russinovich

Mark discussed new features and tools in the Sysinternals Tools suite.

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Best Practices for engaging Microsoft Support.

Members from the Escalation Services team share best practices when engaging Microsoft support, included in this video is a demo of the new MPSReports tool and a demo of using Hyper-V to package up problems that can be reproduced and send to Microsoft.

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Day 2:


Jeff Dailey - Principal Escalation Engineer

Jeff discusses the different locations where you can find great content from the Escalation Services team to help solve common and difficult problems.


Tate Calhoun - Escalation Engineer

Tate walks through the use of the new XPERF tool and how to analyze the data for specific scenario's.


Citrix - Escalation Engineers

Citrix engineers Nicholas Vasile, Dmitry Vostokov, and Kapil Ramlal, share tools they have created to take advantage of the ETW tracing infrastructure in Windows, and debugging scripts, and best practices for engaging issues that require multi-vendor support.


Dennis Smeltzer - Executive Director TSANet

Dennis discusses a proposed new TSANet offering which would allow Escalation engineers to contact each other to collaborate on issues that require multi-vendor support.


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  1. We’d like the thank everyone who attended the Windows NT Debugging Blog Live Chat two weeks ago. Here

  2. interested says:

    Hi, I was wondering when you might be updating the “coming soon” links for the presentations?


    <DIV class=commentowner>[Hello, I uploaded most of the videos to recent blogs. You should be able to find them up above:) I’ll update this blog to reflect that soon:) Thanks for the interest.]</DIV>

  3. ggs says:

    Are the links going to be updated soon?

    <DIV class=commentowner>[I added a few today. Rest coming this month.]</DIV>

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