Wanted: Windows Internals subject matter experts

Microsoft is looking for five Windows Internals subject matter experts to come work on a very special five to eight day project on the Redmond campus during the month of May 2008.  Candidates must have good communications skills, be non Microsoft employees,  have 5+ years experience with windows, be familiar with the Windows Internals book, have kernel and user mode debugging experience, and be C literate.  


We prefer candidates strongly represent the Windows IT Professional or Windows development industry.    These typically would be 2nd or 3rd tier escalation resources or Windows developers (developing Win32 code, or device drivers) that are working for Gold Partners, ISVs or are independent consultants or MVPs.


A Microsoft NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) will be required.


Please contact Jeff Dailey at jeffda@microsoft.com with the subject line “Windows Internals Project”

Please include a copy of your resume and details explaining your Windows background, along with your contact info, and your location.


We will cover air travel, lodging and food for non local candidates attending from within the US.


Thank you.


More Info:

The Widows Internals experts selected for this project will be brought to Redmond to aid in developing a new certification program based on the Windows Internals.  This is not a hiring effort or product testing session.  Though the candidates should have C literacy they will not be writing or reviewing any Microsoft source code. 


Comments (3)

  1. If you are, and have an interest in helping Microsoft on a special project that will last 5 to 8 days,

  2. AlienRancher says:

    -Is this a hiring effort? or more of a secret product feedback thing?

    -How you decide if it going to be 5 days or 8 days?

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