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Hello, Matthew here again.  Starting today, my team will be bringing you content in the form of videos, as well blog posts.  We’ll be hosting these videos on Channel 9, and we’ll link them from the ntdebugging blog.  One way that we’ll be using video is as a means of highlighting topics we’ve already covered, and then answering some of the common question that we receive from you in the form of comments on the blog.  So if you leave a comment with an interesting question, we may answer it in an upcoming video.  We are also thinking about using video as a way to show various debugging techniques rather than just blog about them. 

For our first video, we’ve chosen desktop heap as a topic.  We’ve had a lot of traffic on the desktop heap posts, and we’ve had a lot of questions too.  So check out the video, and let us know what you think!

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  1. Greg says:

    Can I just say, this is an absolutely AWFUL idea? Written text can be searched and used quickly as a reference, it can be read and reread repeatedly and compared to other texts. Video requires me to sit laboriously through your presentation to find the nugget I’m looking for. It also requires me to match the pace of your video and if I have to think or compare it to some other text it’s nearly impossible.

    And what do you expect to happen once you have a few dozen videos up? I’m going to sit and listen through all of them to see if they’re relevant to my problem? I can’t search through them, or skim through them looking comparing the subject with my problem.

    Generally videos are cool and flashy but completely inappropriate medium for the content here. Please please please reconsider.


    [Thanks for your feedback.  You make a good point; we want to make sure our content is available to our readers in a way that is helpful and relevant.  We are by no means planning on moving to a video-only blog; instead we want to use video where we think it will help our readers understand something better.

    In the case of this particular video, the video content is intended as a supplement to a couple of existing blog posts (“Desktop Heap Overview” and “Desktop Heap, part 2”).  There’s no new technical content in the video.  The video isn’t meant to convey additional technical details, but to convey the same technical details in a different way.  Some people would rather read a blog post, and others would rather watch a video.  Hopefully the text of the previous posts we’ve written on this subject will serve as the reference that you’d like.  In the future, we’ll try to link our video posts back to text content that can used as a reference.]

  2. LG says:

    Your video was very informative. I liked the question and answers you provided as well. I’m going to use your suggestions to assist with a service issue we’ve been having frequently that requires a system reboot.

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