Azure OpenConnect VPN

Linux script to setup OpenConnect VPN server on Azure with auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt certificate. Steps: 1. Create Ubuntu VM on Azure 2. Open firewall ports 80 and 443 3. Run script with server URL and email for Let’s Encrypt certificate Details: azure-openconnect-vpn

Windows Service hosting ASP.NET Core Web API

Visual Studio 2017 project to demo how to host a Web API or WebSockets server locally as a Windows Service. Possible uses: – Replace ActiveX dependencies blocking the migration to modern browsers. – Use as REST wrapper for legacy 32- or 64-bit DLLs. – Access local system information such as registry keys or software versions…

How to Disable Autocorrect in IE11

Regardless of autocorrect settings in Windows 8.1, some words like “Company”, “Desktop”, etc. get capitalized automatically. This is more of an issue for users that use more than one language to communicate, such as German OS and writing in English. Note: This issue has been fixed during the Dezember 2013 patchday. To manually fix this:…


Fix Store App in Windows 8.1

Sometimes, after upgrading to Windows 8.1, the Store App may not start. It might still show the number of available updates on the Live Tile. Starting the app may show a progress ring but it may not finish loading.   To fix this, run the following in a Command Window (CMD) to re-register the Store App:…


How to Setup Windows Azure (Server 2012) as an SSTP and L2TP VPN Provider

———- 1. Create new Windows Server VM using “Quick Create” 2. The DNS name, username and password will be used to connect to the VPN 3. A0 or A1 VM (starts at around $10/month or free with an MSDN subscription, no charge for stopped VM, billed by the minute) 4. Add HTTPS endpoint (TCP 443) 5….


Run 32-bit Remote Desktop (RDP) on Windows 64-bit

 Create a .bat file with the following three lines: @echo off set WinDir= start C:\Windows\SysWow64\mstsc.exe   The environment variable WinDir will only be deleted locally and temporarily, for the session that starts mstsc.exe and not for the entire system. This prevents the 32-bit version from finding the 64-bit version and starting it, which is what…