Azure OpenConnect VPN

Linux script to setup OpenConnect VPN server on Azure with auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt certificate. Steps: 1. Create Ubuntu VM on Azure 2. Open firewall ports 80 and 443 3. Run script with server URL and email for Let’s Encrypt certificate Details: azure-openconnect-vpn


How to Disable Autocorrect in IE11

Regardless of autocorrect settings in Windows 8.1, some words like “Company”, “Desktop”, etc. get capitalized automatically. This is more of an issue for users that use more than one language to communicate, such as German OS and writing in English. Note: This issue has been fixed during the Dezember 2013 patchday. To manually fix this:…


How to escape the Facebook White Screen of Death

When you create a page for your business, etc. using your Facebook account, you can click on “Use Facebook as <Your Page>” to manage it. Sometimes, this leads to a white page, also known as “White Page of Death”, “Blank Screen of Death”, “Blank Page of Death, etc. This blank page does not contain any…


hello, blog

Welcome to the No Time Blog. My name is Luis Cantero and I train and help developers through our Premier Services, mostly onsite in Germany and EMEA but also remotely. Purpose of this blog: You have no time, I have no time. You have problems, I got solutions 😉   Here are some places that I’ve visited…