Azure OpenConnect VPN

Linux script to setup OpenConnect VPN server on Azure with auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt certificate. Steps: 1. Create Ubuntu VM on Azure 2. Open firewall ports 80 and 443 3. Run script with server URL and email for Let’s Encrypt certificate Details: azure-openconnect-vpn

Azure Media Services Overview

CAPABILITIES – Host – Encode – Protect – Stream – Play SETUP 1. Create new APP SERVICES -> MEDIA SERVICE -> QUICK CREATE 2. Enter name (will be part of URL and must be unique) 3. Select region closest to audience 4. Select existing or create new storage account UPLOAD 1. Once created, select media…


Secret Keys for WordPress on Azure

When creating a new WordPress (WP) site for Azure from the gallery, you are requested to enter deployment keys such as: AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, etc.     You can use the following WP API to generate random keys for you: However, the above API includes the $ character, which Azure in turn does not allow.   Use the…


How to Setup Windows Azure (Server 2012) as an SSTP and L2TP VPN Provider

———- 1. Create new Windows Server VM using “Quick Create” 2. The DNS name, username and password will be used to connect to the VPN 3. A0 or A1 VM (starts at around $10/month or free with an MSDN subscription, no charge for stopped VM, billed by the minute) 4. Add HTTPS endpoint (TCP 443) 5….