Screen keyboard-friendly WPA2 Key Generator

    • WPA2 is currently the most secure type of Wifi/WLAN encryption.
    • To connect a device to an access point (AP), you use a WPA2 key or passphrase.
    • The key can be up to 64 chars hexadecimal or 63 chars alphanumeric + special chars.
  • There are many online key generators.
  • The problem is that they don't take into account mobile devices.
  • Entering 63-64 characters using a screen keyboard that you have to repeatedly switch between uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters is very tedious.
  • This generator lets you specify the maximum number of times to switch the screen keyboard.
  • The letter O and the number 0 are excluded to avoid confusion.
  • WARNING: Provided "as is". Use at your own risk. No warranties of any kind.

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