How to escape the Facebook White Screen of Death

  • When you create a page for your business, etc. using your Facebook account, you can click on "Use Facebook as <Your Page>" to manage it.
  • Sometimes, this leads to a white page, also known as "White Page of Death", "Blank Screen of Death", "Blank Page of Death, etc.
  • This blank page does not contain any elements to let you restore your account to the former state and Facebook becomes unusable with the Browser in question.
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  1. ;) says:

    wow…. thanks!!

  2. Sherri Kirklin says:

    Thanks! That got me half way there. At first I had a white screen. Now I have a partial screen. See screen shot……/ljiEXEjFKOYI

    Any other brilliant suggestions are very welcomed!

  3. Jennifer McFadden says:

    What the heck is this white screen all about anyways?  It happened to me last night!  UUGH this is frustrating.  I did what you said and I too have the left margin showing up but nothing else.  I contacted FB today but I dont feel confident they even will respond.  That account is my business account and I am losing money by not being able to log into it.  I am so upset right now.

    Any other suggestions on how to fix it?

  4. Marcel says:

    Hi Jennifer

    The same thing happened to me – yesterday. Your on my friend list btw.

    Marcel P

  5. Susan Bride says:

    I too got my FB sidebar back using your link but nothing is showing in the main screen.

  6. Brenda McCracken says:

    Switch does not work for me. I do a lot of work through my account very frustrating.

  7. Elaine says:

    Jeeeeeze! Thank you! I have been freaking out trying to get out of this stupid white screen. That worked! 🙂

  8. xbecksnomanslandnet says:


  9. IAY says:


  10. sankayan says:

    still not working.. any other suggestions?

  11. buddie says:

    Apparently Facebook will have nothing to do with older browser versions as of a couple of days ago. Try updating your browser whether it be Firefox or Internet Explorer. I have 4 computers, the computer with IE version 6.0+ won't load Facebook. The computer with IE version 8.0+ will load Facebook. My other 2 computers were running Firefox 10.0+ and would not load FB but update to version 16 does work. So, update your IE to at least version 8 and Firefox to at least version 16. Safari and other internet op systems I know nothing about but I would assume the same case applies there so try updating your versions as well. Good luck!

  12. Robin Gielow-Hendricks says:

    Ion works thru the browse . I to have done all  this too . Still have the white page !

  13. allison says:

    I can't change the username for a new facebook page I created. When I click on the link to change the name, I get the white screen. I've tried over and over, using different browsers (Firefox, IE, and my cell phone android browser) and different versions of the browsers. They are all now updated to the latest versions, and still I get the white screen. Nothing works. Extremely frustrating! Especially since there's no way to get help from facebook.

  14. allison says:

    Also, clicking the Switch button mentioned above under "To switch back to your main account" doesn't do anything either.

  15. Eilia says:

    when i try to open my acount   i get white screen  with this sentence ( Enter a name under 40 characters

    Please enter a machine name no more than 40 characters long)   what this mean and how i can slove this problem ?????????????????????????

  16. Karen Limb says:

    The "Switch" solution worked on my iPad!   Thank you so much Luis!  : )

  17. KeithontheHeath says:

    I'm running IE9, the most up-to-date for Vista, but still it, "…cannot display the webpage".  If I wasn't a slaphead, I'd be pulling my hair out!

  18. Lil Miss Kay says:

    I dont even see a "switch" button  have had the white screen for a few days now. fb loads fine on my phone but not on my laptop.  I have cleared Cashe and updated browser – still nothing. Called fb support – nothing. I get no error messages, just a white screen with blue words like "Log in" "Facebook logo", ""skip to News Feed", etc., and my profile pic.  WTF 🙁

  19. ERICA BURNS says:

    MIne is also saying enter under 40 characters and enter a machine name under 40 characters i have tried everything someone help plz

  20. Rosalie says:

    i have a white screen on Facebook . What is going on? I have an I pad 2. Can anyone help?

  21. Facebook says:

    Probably it's time to quit this stupid facebook and go somewhere else:)

    Facebook don't care about it's user only about the money from advertising.

  22. dave says:

    white page for four days,   now says temporarily unavailable, try again in a few minutes.  

  23. Barbara says:

    I also have the white screen, What can i do to fix this really would like to go into my facebook on my desktop and upload some pictures.Can someone help, Thank You!

  24. Angie says:

    I can't access my account anywhere, but my phone.

    I can, however, access my work account on my laptop.

    So…it's just my account and not my devices.

    This has been the case for 3 weeks now.

    I've tried everything and nothing works.

    It's very frustrating.

    Oh well…guess that means I have more time for housework.

  25. Raven says:

    so I went to log in to my facebook and it says enter a machine name no more than 40 characters long.but it doesn't let me type it in anywhere 🙁

  26. Ruby Verbena says:

    I've had this issue going on four months now. I cannot see anything but a completely blank screen from any computer using any browser. The only way I can log into Facebook is via mobile.

  27. CW says:

    Beyond frustrating and they clearly don't care. I can access my personal account fine but if I attempt to go to ONE OF my business pages ( ) then I get the white screen. I emphasize ONE OF because this doesn't happen when I try to access any of my other pages. Apparently users who are NOT ME can get to the mysoulrebel FB page but I can't via browser. I can on my mobile or iPad but not such luck on the computer. It is beyond frustrating and has been going on for at least 6 months now WITH NO FRIGGIN RESPONSE FROM FACEBOOK no matter how many times I submit a support request. BEYOND FRUSTRATING !!

  28. helen johnson says:

    white screen on my game farmville 2

  29. daniel says:

    white screen issue  now on any flash player game

  30. tahir says:

    f.b page puts white background behind black text

  31. Bobbi says:

    Did anyone find an answer?  White screen for 3 weeks nothing works – have updated flash player, browser (which did not need updated), the switch thing gives me side bar, I'm pissed!

  32. Janice says:

    Has anyone ever figured out why this happens and what can actually fix it.  If I do the 'switch' thing, I get the right sidebar and that's it.  

  33. Jason says:

    having same damn problem. go to facebook…blank white screen. tried everything.

  34. Ed says:

    I' having the same problem and I too, only get the right sidebar when I click on switch.  Apparently, it has nothing to do with my computer, because I had someone use my computer to access their Facebook account, and everything was normal.

  35. Ed says:

    I have also discovered that when I go to the sidebar and click on the link to a friend's or group's Facebook page, I get a blank white screen, instead of seeing their page..

  36. Dingus says:

    I get the white screen too.  All browsers, all networks all computers.  Even the dolphin android browser on my phone.  Nothing will get me there.  Some FB pages I can get in to but the vast majority I cannot.

  37. Nappi says:

    I have white screen too.  All browsers, all networks all computers.  But im my phone work using Facebook aplication. Any body please help us.

  38. Taxi Rob says:

    Seems like they want to FORCE us to use the app….

  39. Linda says:

    Someone suggested after I try to load FB and the dreadful white blank screen comes up, to use the fn + f5 keys.  It did work for me for 5 minutes and then BAM back to the same ole issues.  Hopefully it'll work for somebody!

  40. Michelle says:

    My husband has the same white blank page on his computer,  he cannot access on any browser. He can access it thru the App on windows 10 from the store, but that is it. Hope they fins solution soon, he does not like the app to get to his facebook.

  41. Dennis says:

    I have the same problem with the white screen.  Several computers on several networks.  It is a facebook database problem only they can fix.  There appears to be no way to get in.  None of the publish fixes work.

  42. Ellen says:

    white screen for two days. The "switch" button above brings up a tiny square with my profile pic, but it won't open to something larger. Plus trying makes "firefox not responding."

  43. Carol says:

    how do you get them to fix this for you?

  44. Julia says:

    I am having this issue as well. I sent messages to Facebook, so we'll see what they do. I sent them this link so they could see everyone having the same issues.

  45. Michelle says:

    It has been over two weeks with the blank white page. I have reported the problem to facebook almost on a daily basis with NO response from them. I donot know when a Fix with be out. I wish they would do something,. It seems there are more and more having same issue.

  46. paul says:

    have tried all i know to do nothing works,even trying to open new accnt.anyone know how to contact f.b.

  47. angig says:

    Don't have a business so this doesn't help me.  Also it doesn't really have to do with browsers. I am the only person in my household affected and its been since the 11th. Its on all three computers and my tablet. Next? I am really getting tired of trying.

  48. Isac says:

    Hi all. Did any of you guys had the problem solved? Hate check my FB thru android/7" Samsung.

  49. Matthew says:

    Having the same problem. Suggestion posted above gives me the side chat bar but cannot open any messages and the rest of the screen is white still. Literally nothing is working to stop. Interestingly when I go to other sites my FB profile pic comes up when I comment so I still appear to be connected to FB but every attempt to access my account just gives me a blank white page. Been happening for 4 days now, no one seems to be able to fix this, I don't have an iPhone to be able to check if it works through apps but others have claimed they can access it through IPhone apps but not through laptops or computers.

  50. Michelle says:

    Still NO fix, pretty frustrating….My husband updated to windows 10 on his laptop. It was running windows 8. A few days after doing this is when he starting getting the white blank page. I noticed in the "store" thru windows 10 on his laptop, you could download and get the app for facebook, so I downloaded it for him on his laptop, and he can access it that way, but not through any of the browsers like Internet Explorer, Fire fox, Google chrome, or even the new browser with windows 10 The edge. This is a Facebook problem, and not sure what they are doing to fix it.

  51. Isac says:

    Michelle, it seems they are doing nothing to fix it.

    For those that can acess something…if you get to general configuration…try to dowload your FB data(it is a good thing anyway). It is dowload as a zip.

    The explanation is, the problem is due to bad indexes(because the huge FB databade). When you dowlonad your data, the procedure "forces" a re-index  of the pages(our pages) that are not being able to show, cause FB index doesn't find them.

    Here is the original video. I am not a programmer, just stubborn.

  52. joan says:

    I have the white screen too, but others can get on their accounts from my computer. It is driving me crazy. The switch does not work. ugh

  53. Michelle says:

    His Facebook was back working today on Internet Explorer Browser. Have not checked other Browsers yet.

  54. Michelle says:

    Ok, It is working on ALL Browsers. For how long we will see. It Fixed itself I quess.

  55. Isac says:

    Thanks, Michelle. There are hope.

  56. Steve O'Toole says:

    White screen for 3 days on all home and office computers; except mobile phone (which works perfect).

  57. Kevin O says:

    Three days now with the white screen of death.  I've discovered a number of articles giving advice, but most of it revolves around being able to at least partially get FB to load…enough to get into the general settings and download a backup file which forces the data to be reindexed.  Unfortunately I can't get even a blue stripe at the top.

    I can, however, access the account over the mobile app.  But I can't find where the backup function is located.  Anyone else got a clue?

  58. Sebastian says:

    I'm a victim also!

  59. Michelle says:

    I did not try any of the above things to try and fix it, I reported problem with facebook several times, but never got a response. I believe his facebook account was like all of yours for appox. 3 weeks. It somehow fixed itself yesterday. Maybe you just have to wait it out.

  60. Isac says:

    As far as I could see, there's no such option in the mobile version,Kevin O.

  61. James says:

    Yup, same here.. no contact reply, phone number for support is busted. Facebook quickly becoming absolute crap for customer support.

  62. Tim says:

    Two days now of just a white screen.  I have searched everywhere for a solution with no luck.

  63. Laura DiNardi Berry says:

    The first time I got the white screen It cleared up in about 4 hours. I just thought that the site was down for maintenance or something. It ran good for a few weeks then gone again and this time it seems permanent. I try every solution I can find but nothing works. I just get a blank page, no blue line at the top or anything. I can't even try to log in. I tried Mozilla with no results and Chrome. On chrome I got to the log in page but when I tried to log in It went blank. I get Facebook on my mobile. It is frustrating trying to work with that small screen and typing with those tiny keys. Need help. I contact a lot of clients through Facebook.

  64. aakass hira madheshi nepali says:

    I am also facing this problem from last week. Does any one have any solution please .

  65. Omar says:

    I've had this problem for 3 days now

    Its extremely upsetting because my mom is in the ICU for the past couple of weeks, and I was using Facebook to communicate with family and let them know her status.

    I'm beyond angry at facebook right now

  66. Pat says:

    I was off for 5 days.  It came back on yesterday for a few minutes.  Now, it's off again…Most of the solutions I have seen do not work if you can login but I can't see or contact Facebook….

  67. Ed says:

    Well, after about 2 1/2 weeks of the white screen of death, Facebook went back to normal last night.  Unfortunately, by morning, it was back to the white screen of death again.  So, once again, I'll just have to wait to see, if and when it will start working again.  Meanwhile, I'll begin to explore alternatives to Facebook.

  68. Gian says:

    I do my business advertising on facebook and I guess from what I am reading here, it can happen when you switch from your facebook business page.

    Well I am just waiting for it to go back.

    For now I am using Iphone app for facebook.

  69. Yolanda says:

    I've had the Facebook white screen of death now for close to two weeks. I can access my account on Mobile but not on any computer or browser. I've tweeted Facebook several times about this and they have not responded. Not sure what's going on but it does make me want to give up on Facebook.

    Facebook is censoring their tweets so you won't see a word about the white screen of death on their twitter page.

  70. Michael Hamilton says:

    Tonight I got the "White Screen of Death" for the first time.  Up until now I had never even heard of it!  Is there STILL no solution for this?  Is it really just a wait and see if it gets fixed sort of thing?  I HAVE a page associated with my main profile page, but I've not tried to switch between it at all.  How in the heck could this have happened??

  71. hunxai says:

    Same problem with my account!

  72. Nao Sawada says:

    RIP Facebook. I have no idea what to do. It has been a week and that White Screen of Death always appears.

  73. Pamela says:

    White screen since 9/24 and no response from fb. they do not care clearly. switch button above makes the screeen a very light blue and chat bar is on the rigt but that it. i hear some people say it fixes itself eventually but in the meantime i cannot use my mobile effectivly for my business. we need help

  74. Geraldine says:

    I have this issue for about a week now. Facebook support is horrible. Now I can't even report the issue and even the mobile version is showing random errors.

  75. bettina maria says:

    it first happened on my mobile, then on my laptop. finally after two days go to internet cafe, facebook works for the guy next to me, i type in my info – white screen! I delete and start over, same thing., I go to next computer, facebook opens for my neighbor, when I enter my password – white screen. I think we are being censored and perhaps for some stupid "key words" they hacked or blocked the account?

    I use fb for a lot of info and communications and business – what do I do???

  76. Lucas says:

    Same problem for my dad. 3 days. I´m sure isn´t a browser version, SO, connection, etc. I checked all. FB doesn´t answer yet.

    If someone has a solution, please writte here.

  77. Tim says:

    I have had the white screen since 9/23 and nothing is working.  Does FB even care?

  78. Diane says:

    Ditto – white screen…tried everything too…nothing works.

  79. maree says:

    I've had the white screen about 2 days now

    read somewhere to clear all history, cache etc so did that and was able to get the log in page

    attempted to log in then got the white screen again.

    I'm using Firefox on Vista but also tried IE to see if it worked (it didn't) .

    Only site effected seems to be Facebook :/

  80. John G says:

    I have it too – that's a week now.

    I can access Facebook via the app on my phone, but not via internet from any device. I need internet access for 3rd party programmes (e.g. maps, games etc.). I've tried all the proposed solutions on here but nothing works.

    I tried contacting their support team, but I cannot connect to ANY Facebook site on the web.

    I guess I'll need to talk to real people now 😉

  81. Paul says:

    WSOD for over a week. It's not my computer as others can get to their fb page no problem. I can't get to my own page, others can go to it and it works. They can see it like normal but when I go to it just white. No blue bar, no words, lines or anything. I have no way to report it to them either. I tried your link, strange, it was a white page with a little profile pic. I checked it out and it said switch, so I did and it took me to the WSOD (white screen of death). I heard that if someone complains or something they check all your posts and comments even the ones that were deleted. Even the private messages. Do you or anyone else for that matter know if it's true? I try to watch my language and such but who knows? No really, who knows? I'd like to get a definitive answer.

  82. David Reid says:

    Question, is everyone this happening to conservatives? Just wanting to know if this a left wing hack?

  83. Ed says:

    In answer to David Reid's question:  No, as I am quite liberal on most issues.  I too have had thoughts that there might be something political to it, though my suspicion was that it might be connected to my support for Palestinian rights.

  84. whomod says:

    No. It's not political. I'm a HEAVY left wing socialist Bernie supporting poster (who also posts against the Evangelical Right and FOR the actual gospels) and I don't' for a minute think it's some attempt to silence me.

    I actually think it's just facebook having trouble keeping up with internet browsers now that they've apparently been putting more effort into mobile applications. and so those of us who prefer internet browsers are getting royally screwed by their inability to have Facebook still be compatible in the old way.

    BTW, i've had this problem for about a week now. It came back yesterday but now i'm back to a white screen again. You just have to wait and hope that Facebook fixes this. in the meantime, I TRY to post using the app – which s*cks royally.

  85. whomod says:

    For a while, after it started giving me a white screen, it would also give me a page full of javascript and then the usual "oops" error message from facebook. So yeah, it's a javascript error on their side.

  86. Dawn says:

    WSOD for 5 days now. Can't connect to any fb link so cant contact fb.  Mine is completely white. Cannot log on from other computers either.  Only my phone app.  ugh

  87. PW says:

    I am of the opinion that this is a server side process and it is cookie driven.  The only reason I say this is that I have logged into numerous different machines using many different browsers and multiple operating systems with the same result.  I have tried all of the fixes, but to no avail.  It does work on my tablet, which is running android.  When I get home tonight, I might experiment and attempt to load Ubuntu Linux to see if there is a different outcome, but I suspect it will be the same for all other PCs.  My theory is that this is FBs version of "punishment" for errant/objectionable posts.  It kind of makes sense.  You do something to piss off FB and they turn your FB feed into a white screen.  They don't have to explain it and they can see it to "magically" get fixed at some indeterminate time later.  There would be very few tools available to allow individual users to troubleshoot this.  One thing I did note that was my wife's cookies were different than mine and she had the datr cookie and I did not.

  88. Ron says:

    You are actually logged in and Facebook thinks they are displaying your page.   From everything I have seen the problem is within Facebook and until they fix it it will continue to happen and it seems that Facebook really doesn't care.  Since Facebook doesn't respond of appear to care it could happen anytime to anyone so if your business depends on them you best find another way to do business because they could put you out of business anytime.

  89. whomod says:

    And my connection is suddenly and mysteriously back.  It's been down for over a week and it suddenly comes back up again. It did it 2 days ago and then went out again. Now it's back up.

    I'm guessing that it's probably Facebook devoting more resources into making Facebook APP friendly at the expense of browser stability. they probably see mobile devices as the future and desktop/laptop browsers as the past. And so all of us who refer a browser experience are getting the short shrift.

    And David Reid, no it's not political. I'm as left wing as they come and it's happening to me as well.

  90. whomod says:

    Aaaand. … it's back down… I still have my news feed open and it's working as well as my profile page. when I try to open anything else now, it gives me that white screen again. So i'm keeping these browser tabs open for as long as I can use them.

    Frustrating as all get out.

  91. Frustrated says:

    Judging by the posts of and several other sited thousands of Facebook users accounts have been plunged into white-out mode. No access of any kind to facebook Some have been experiencing it for several days and others for several weeks.  No response or acknowledgement of any kind from Facebook

  92. whomod says:

    It's working again as it's supposed to – on an internet browser. Google Chrome btw..

    Someone really needs to kick the Facebook programmer at work, right in the nads.

  93. dmjones541 says:

    Almost a week for me. ugh

  94. lori mccurdy says:

    white pg since the 28th of Sept I have tried it all with no avail thxs Fb !

  95. Ari RAUCH says:

    Same here got hit by the white screen what an awful and frustrating experience, though in my phone works ok this is just ridiculous. FB what a shame as they seem to be doing nOTHING about it to help.

  96. Lidia Michael says:

    Another WSOD victim!!  Started for me yesterday.  Funny thing is I could still see FB on my kid's computer, logged in with his account. When I switched accounts, boom! White screen again,and there is no way to even log out so my kid can sign in again. 🙁  

    For the record, Conservative Christian.

  97. Skip says:

    White screen for two weeks now. Have given up and looking at other social sites. Facebook is really screwing its members and seems to be happy about it.

  98. Deb says:

    Arrrggghhh….WSOD since Oct 4 – nothing – I can't log in from any computer at all…I was able to log in from a friends android phone…so I changed my log in password and e mail address…and then tried to log in using the new parameters and nothing…I'm so mad…

  99. Fred says:

    I'm running Windows 10 on one laptop.  Click on the "store" in Windows (shopping bag icon at the bottom of the screen),  Get the Facebook App.  That got me back up and running after a week of the white screen of death.  I hope it lasts.

  100. Ed says:

    Lidia Michael- clean your history and cookies [C-Cleaner free app. will do it for you],  It won't help  you with the WSOD, but your son should be able to get back on his account.

  101. Fred says:

    I tried everything before knuckling under and going Windows 10 and getting the app.  Cynical me thinks FB is trying to get everyone to use the app. Why?  There are no adblockers that work with the app as it runs independently of your browser.  When it went white screen on my primary laptop, I dragged out the old backup.  It hadn't been turned on in months.  White screen from the get go.  My phone still worked fine with the app, but not when it tried to load FB through Safari.

  102. Jim says:

    lori mccurdy,  My problem happened on sept 28th as well.  As of today I can only use the message system,  but cannot log onto any other features of fb

  103. Dawn Heath Whitcomb says:

    facebook is soooooo messed up right now…my husband found a 'back door' in which I can log into my account and post, but I can't get messages, notifications, or play my favorite game, Bejeweled Blitz. I tried the above and my profile pic is showing in the upper left had corner with the word switch on it…I click and get the blank white screen again. This is also the second time for this to happen to me…the first was just a couple of weeks ago, or less.

  104. 8 days WSOD says:

    PW, this is not a punishment. Just in case it is, then how the user would know they are punished and not to repeat their mistakes? Really stupid, isn't it. This is bad develeping.

    I would like to ask others, did they post/comment something FB wouldn't like?

  105. Richard says:

    Windows 10 and latest version of all browsers – white screen in all browsers

  106. Ed says:

    After having the WSOD for about a month, yesterday I opened a new FB account/page with a new e-mail address.  Then I sent my old page a friend request.  I was then able to view my old page,sort of: It showed my last post occurring in May 2015, when, in fact, I  had posted daily until mid-September 2015, but I could see more of my old page than before.  Of course, what you can see will vary with your privacy settings, on your old page.

    Suddenly today, my old page is working normally again.  [Hopefully, it will continue to do so.]  I accepted my own friend request, so now, if one page goes down again, I can use my other page to "share on a friend's page".  I am my own friend!

  107. Slipsc1 says:

    I got the What page of death, I was not think it was not political till I read another post, I two am a Conservative Christian.   a big conspiracy?   Hmmmm? Or maybe it's to a way for them to increase the number of accounts they have.

  108. Susan says:

    I had the same problem as everyone else and THIS WORKS. Open your fb white page, leave it open and in a new tab go to business dot facebook dot com and make a fake business page. Once you make your fake acct, on the top right you should be able to go to your personal profile. Voila! YOU ARE BACK ON FACEBOOK!! BA~BAM! I have searched and searched and tried and tried everything to no avail. But THIS got me back on. And I can close the screen and browser and then actually GET BACK ON!! YAYYYY!!

    1. User53653 says:

      I can confirm. This really worked for me now

  109. Retired in Samar says:

    Over two weeks now…WPOD, and no clues. Everybody can access their account from my desktop, but not me. When I Google facebook on the DT and go to their main return and click on "Welcome to Facebook", it takes me to a mobile application (free data) where I can at least gain access to my messages. But the mobile data site has very limited funcitonality, no photos and no news feed. I have read somewhere that this is an "indexing" problem. Every piece of data that fb recieves is indexed, say A-Z or 1 to infinity. When the index gets corrupted, it affects many accounts and until fb cleans it up, those affected will stay down. Some say days, other say weeks. This is a prime opportunity for a break away company to make a breakout!

  110. PapaRomeo says:

    I am having the same problem for the last one week. Life don't seem to be the same again. 🙁

  111. Michelle says:

    Anybody else try the fake thing from Susan. My husbands white screen is back after 2 weeks being back up ;(

  112. Miki says:



    I just fixed my FaceBook white screen of death issue! I can now log into my desktop version. No thanks to FB support. They never answered on my multiple submited tickets.

    The trick is to go to and CREATE a BS page, then switch back to your 'personal profile'. Fixed!! Now delete your business page.

    WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH is a well known Facebook glitch that they have been aware of for over a year, but did nothing! It is NOT your local machine.

    credit for this fix goes to the unknown Facebook user.

    1. Filip Vávra says:

      Works perfect

      1. denver says:

        this didnt work cant find a way to switch back as you call it your instructions are very vague

  113. Chris says:

    Miki,,, You are a GENIUS!!!  Thank You very much!!!  Have had this F'ing white screen for a month and tried everything else to no avail.  This worked "Presto"  Thank You again!!

  114. Michelle says:

    GREAT The fake business WORKS! Thanks!

  115. Deb L says:

    Thank you so much…the BS Business account worked..

  116. Heath says:

    Yep, had the same problem; and creating the fake business account fixed it.

  117. Sierraman says:

    Miki, thank you so much!!!! where I have tried everything possible and noting worked for over 40 days now, your fix worked beautifully, thank you so my dear unknown friend, I'm back to my 3 year old page and to my virtual friends :-).

    Everyone should try Miki's fix, it will work for sure for almost all!!!!

    Funny, now that I'm in, I'm afraid of logging out!

  118. Finbar says:

    I think at least one problem is using AdBlock – I had deactivated AdBlock when I started getting the white screen.  When I got Facebook back, I restarted AdBlock and the screen immediately went white!

  119. M Arnon says:

    YES on the business account! Yaaaay and thank you! That did the trick.

  120. M Sheats says:

    Yep, creating the business account worked! Thanks much!

  121. mike closs says:

    The easiest way around this is to get a new web mail account and use it to create a new facebook account.

  122. ml says:

    I tried the business account and it didnt work for me. Also, as I switched back and forth between the fb page and this one for instructions, this page was going white…. weird hey?

  123. stelios says:

    hello everybody. i'm having the same problem with blank login page and i wonder. How did you make a business account without entering your account?

  124. Jxshua says:

    @stelios Did your account ever go back to normal?

  125. linda wolf says:

    cant get on facebook page is white trird everything please help

  126. Juan says:

    from all other solutions on the internet. This worked for me. thank you!!

  127. Fleissey says:

    My FB page went white 2 days ago, I read through the whole comments section here trying everything and I can’t even see other people’s FB pages off whichever system I tried on mine. It’s like trying to log into my FB corrupts the browser so it then blanks out on anything FB related, except these help pages. They don’t seem too concerned about it so sell the stock and tell them to f off, this is a major glitch because so many people rely of FB for their businesses, total scam that there,s never any help from FB.

  128. jack hegarty says:

    the last 3 days my fb page has no right sid–can not get notifications–can not get chat please help

  129. Lee Khan says:

    facebook Blank page solved
    after an extensive research on the topic and hectic blank page phenomena, I have found that this problem is very common with users and that different solutions methods work for them. for me, none of the currently available methods worked, and I tried another method.. and it really worked.
    login to your fb (obviously it would be blank now)
    open new tab and open link
    it will open fb inbox. now try opening any link sent do you by your friend and which contain any link to a facebook page, e.g. my friend sent me a page post containing a picture and when I clicked the link it opened that page and post. my facebook is now working after 3-4 days of the white page.

    1. Sue Loparo says:

      Awesome! It works! Thank you, Lee Khan. I got my facebook back!

    2. Chris Jones says:

      I discovered another reason why people are getting the “White Screen of Death” In the settings for all browsers, online or phone, there is the add-on setting, and within the add-on setting is the program adblock or adblock plus. You can go to the settings for your browser and then to advanced setting near the bottom. You can either disable or remove the adblock setting. This will fix the problem, or you can reset your browser options.
      I have also heard of opening Facebook in an apple devise. This will reset the add-ons too, but you don’t need an apple device to fix the problem.

  130. Prithviraj Jadhav says:

    Hey man. Thank you so much! Got my account back using your link!

  131. adrian says:

    I spend over 3 hours trying to fix this, I tried EVERY solution on the internet.

    This is how I fixed it:
    I have a MAC.
    Log out from my user.
    Log in as guest (if you don’t know how to do this, you must google it)
    Open Safari, and go to… NOW it works.
    Go back to your user…

    Freaking simple, but it worked out. I spend a whole afternoon, and the simplest solution was the one.

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