Disabling mouse wheel zoom through IEditorOptions

One of the new features for the editor in Visual Studio 2010 is zoom, which is one of those nice things we get for free by using WPF. If you haven’t played with it yet, there are two ways to zoom in an editor instance: the zoom control in the bottom margin (the one that…


New extension: Align Assignments

Download Align Assignments on the VS Gallery, and check out the source on github. About a month ago, a blog article about “TextMate shortcuts you should be using” came across my feed reader. The third item down on that list is “Align Assignments”, which lines up successive equals signs (=) in a block of text….


New extension: CSS Is Less

While browsing StackOverflow for questions about VS2010, I came upon a question about how to make .less files open in the CSS editor. Coincidentally, I had written up an extension to do this in response to a tweet from about a month ago. Since the popularity of this has doubled (from one to two people),…


Two extensions for VS2008 parity

Over the weekend, I came upon a question on StackOverflow about how, in the new editor, you can’t override the foreground color of selected text. I had actually played around with writing an extension to “fix” this awhile back, but never really got it fully working. Reading that question and the, uh, not-so-subtle insults about…


More bug fixes

I’ve had a really busy week this week (I’ll hopefully be able to share more about that in the near future), so apologies that I missed my post on Monday. I’m also about to head out for a little mini-vacation tomorrow afternoon, but I decided to sneak a quick post in about a few of…


New extension: Spell Checker

Download Spellcheck on the VS Gallery. Get the source on github. As I wrote about in my series on Markdown Mode, one of the features I’ve missed from vim and many other IDEs is spell check, both in normal code comments (from when I used Eclipse) and in writing plaintext or other mostly-text formats (in…


Markdown Part 3.5 – v0.1 posted on VS Gallery

This is part of the “Markdown mode” series: Part 3 – A live tool window previewer Part 2 – Writing a classifier Part 1 – Markdown! I’m in a jolly mood, having just bought a new sofa and chair at IKEA and getting rid of my old one (it was the nastiest piece of furniture…


Bug fixes

I took a little break from the Markdown work to fix a few bugs and annoyances in my other extensions. Go To Definition Go To Definition on github. Updated Go To Definition on VSGallery. There were two known issues with this one. The first was reported by a user, Craig Gidney, who noticed that you…


Markdown Part 3 – A Live Tool Window Previewer

This is part of the “Markdown mode” series: Part 2 – Writing a classifier Part 1 – Markdown! Well, this part ended up being both easier and considerably harder than I expected, depending on how you look at it. First, the obligatory screenshot: Easy stuff! So the easy thing in this case turned out to…


New extension: Fix Mixed Tabs

Download this extension on the Visual Studio Gallery, or search for it in the Visual Studio Extension Manager! A couple months back, I started work on a new extension. At the time, I was working with another person on a small side project, and one of the constant annoyances in sharing code was that we…