For awhile I’ve been searching for a better workflow for writing my blog. Using the community server interface online interface is pretty awful, though even good online interfaces aren’t that great. You can’t really overestimate the value of using the editor you are familiar with for writing more than just, well, source code. It’s part…


What’s new for extenders in Beta 2?

If you are reading this, I’m sure there is a decent chance that you’ve either already used Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 or at least read about some of the new features. For those of you interested in writing extensions for VS, I wanted to share a couple of updates around editor extensibility, particularly for…


Gradient Selection

We’ve heard a few comments/complaints about how the gradient selection has been removed in Beta 2, both as an option and as the default selection color. Since it’s come up so many times, I figured you could all use an explanation as to why we did it (effectively, scrolling performance and UX). First off, for…


Updated extensions for Beta 2

I’ve updated all my extensions for Beta 2. Here are descriptions of the changes, as well as links to the source for each on github and the extension on VS Gallery. GoToDef GoToDef v1.2 on github GoToDef on vsgallery This was the only one that was somewhat substantial. There were essentially two changes: First, the…


Beta 2!

Beta 2 was officially released today (to MSDN subscribers; the general public comes a little bit later in the week). Also of interest, Rico wrote a pretty long blog post about some of the new features, with nice props to the new editor. His whole history of visual studio series has been pretty interesting, so…


Code for ItalicComments and GoToDef extensions

Thanks to Fiona and Tim for being all managerial and figuring out the licensing story for extensions that I’ve written, you can now find the code I’ve written for both the ItalicComments and GoToDef extensions. I’ve placed them both under my new github account, so please fork them to your (collective) heart’s content and release…


Learning the new editor

I had a professor in college, Sidney Marshall (also known as "the man, the myth, the legend: Sidney Marshall"), who was and still is a pretty big inspiration to me. He’s a fairly big Lisp guy (part of what got me interested in Lisp in the first place), quotes various pieces of the ISO C++…


Collapse all but this

On this morning’s little public editor conference call, someone remarked (and others agreed) that they wanted a way to do “collapse everything in this file but where the cursor is”. Seems like an interesting enough scenario, and it’s rather simple to write as an extension, so I went ahead and wrote one during the conference…


Editor perf: markers vs. tracking spans

Rico just put up an interesting post on editor performance, so if you have a few minutes, go check it out. I thought I’d take a minute and give a bit more detail on one of the topics Rico mentions, which he called regions (but are really called markers; po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to, and all that). (Old…


Editor docs

Just got this link from Chris – looks like the beta 1 editor docs are up.  Feast and be merry. (Questions or comments can be put here, tweeted to @noahsmark, or you can get help on the editor forums).