Updated extensions for Beta 2

I've updated all my extensions for Beta 2. Here are descriptions of the changes, as well as links to the source for each on github and the extension on VS Gallery.


GoToDef v1.2 on github
GoToDef on vsgallery

This was the only one that was somewhat substantial. There were essentially two changes:

First, the classifier that underlines the text has been rewritten (very slightly) as an ITagger<ClassificationTag>, so that the provider can be rewritten as an IViewTaggerProvider. This is going to get its own blog article, but the short story is that if you are writing a classifier/tagger that is consuming other classifiers/taggers, you should write it as a view-specific tagger to avoid accidentally using an aggregator that uses another classifier/tagger that uses your classifier/tagger that uses an aggregator that uses...ad infinitum.

Second, the mouse handler had some ugly logic for getting a service provider and getting the global shell command dispatcher. That has been simplified down (from ~20 lines to 1 line) to use the new [Import] System.IServiceProvider in Beta 2.


ItalicComments v1.2 on github
ItalicComments on vsgallery

This one was really minor. The only change of note is that IEnvironment is gone in Beta 2 from everywhere, so you can just delete all references to it and its namespace (it has ApplicationModel in it, but it should be obvious if you re-compile an extension you wrote against Beta 1).


TripleClick v1.0 on github
TripleClick on vsgallery

This is the extension that I blogged about yesterday.

Oh, and I also wanted to add: I heart git/github very, very much. Internet props to all them git/github people.

Comments (5)

  1. Alexander says:

    All extensions are not working for me :/

    Window 7 x64/ Visual Studio Ultimate Beta 2

    can you help me?

  2. Can you be a bit more specific (which extensions, how did you install them, do they appear in the extension manager, etc.)?


  3. Alexander says:

    Italic Comments, i tried to install them via the new manager, via the download of the .vsix and all ways installed them correctly but it has no effect( i restarted VS and OS after every install of course) they appear in the manager.


  4. For the file(s) that don’t show comments as italic – what language are they written in?  

    FYI, in C#, it will only italicize // comments, and not doc comments.

    Since doing this through blog comments is going to get painful pretty fast, can you email me (noah.richards (a) microsoft) so we can figure out what is going wrong?

  5. Alexander says:

    here is the Solution:

    load per user extensions when running as administrator MUST be checked.

    now your great extensions works very fine ;D

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