Beta 2!

Beta 2 was officially released today (to MSDN subscribers; the general public comes a little bit later in the week). Also of interest, Rico wrote a pretty long blog post about some of the new features, with nice props to the new editor. His whole history of visual studio series has been pretty interesting, so read it all if you have the time and inclination.

In honor of Beta 2's release, I wrote up a quick little extension tonight. A couple weeks (months? it's been busy around here) ago, we got a connect bug/suggestion that triple-clicking the mouse should select a whole line, instead of whatever it does now. Seemed like a good idea (I never really realized that triple-click wasn't there, but I tend to avoid the mouse as much as I can), so I thought I'd share that out with everyone here.

TripleClickMouseProcessor.cs on github (Ms-PL license and such).

It's pretty simple - all it does is detect triple clicks and selects the extent of the line under the mouse. It doesn't, for example, handle triple-click + drag, which should probably select full lines as you move your mouse around. Also, apologies to anyone already running beta 2, but I didn't put it on the extension manager yet. If you want to play around with this yourself, follow my handy dandy instructions in this post (towards the end), replacing "Beta 1" with "Beta 2". Apologies to Beta 1 users, but this won't work in Beta 1, because some of the attributes on the mouse processor weren't there in the earlier beta.

I'm planning on following this up, in decently short order, with a list of some of the updates for editor extenders. Certain API has changed (improved, I think) since the earlier release, and there are a few new extension points that may be of interest.

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