RSS Feeds for eBay Searches

RSS feeds are popping up right and left these days for everything from news, to friends’ pictures, to Internet searches.  Recently I discovered that eBay has RSS feeds for auction searches.  It is really handy to keep an eye out for those unique finds that can easily slip by, or as a way to group…


How-To-Geek Blog

This is one of my favorite new blogs,  It rocks with tons of great tips and reviews on cool little tools.  Lowell does a great job reviewing tools, tricks and tips, and his blog is well organized and looks solid. I’ve been having a fun time trying out some new tools, including Sizer, DriverView,…


Hide the IE7 Command Bar

Here’s a registry hack for removing Internet Explorer 7’s toolbar with the standard buttons on it (like favorites, print, etc).  In IE6 you could move/hide the command bar just like any toolbar, but in IE7 it’s not so easy.  On my PC they’re just wasted space because everything up there is already so easily accessible…


Vista: Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Explorer

When navigating files in Windows Vista, either in Windows Explorer or a File Dialog (like “Open File”), I just discovered there some new keyboard shortcuts.  Here they are: New Vista Commands ALT + Up Arrow Move up a folder (to the parent folder) ALT + Left Arrow Move back in history ALT + Right Arrow…


Getting a Small Virtual PC Image – WinXP Pro in 550MB

I find Virtual PC (now free!) incredibly useful!  VPCs are just so great for testing software, control development environments, trying shareware, training courses, etc.  My main system is a laptop with limited HDD space so getting to as small as a VPC as possible (yet still useful) has been a pursuit of mine the last few weeks….


MS Word Tip: Automatic Bold on Bulleted Lists

I was just typing along just now and stumbled on this handy feature of MS Word. As a PM, I practically live in Word, so it is exiting to find a new, quite unexpected, feature that I can use on an almost daily basis. Say you want to create a bulleted list with headers, like…


Change Screen Resolution with One Keyboard Shortcut

Do you find that you need to frequently change your screen resoltion?  I do several times a day and some reasons are when: doing demos, showing my laptop screen to serveral people at once, switching between monitors, recording/capturing the screen, connecting to projectors, etc.  It is a bit of a pain to go to the display…