Don’t Vote  (tis the season…) (thanks to noah’s mark)

ThinkGeek, Gadget Toy Love

What true geek doesn’t just love the site  Where one can fulfill their gizmo, t-shirt, poster, plant, science, toy craze of nerddom.  I’ve had a number of items from the site on my wishlist through a few birthdays and Christmas holidays now with no love, so I just broke down and made this batch…


Embedded IE Text Size Too Small (or Large)

Ever notice the text or font in applications that use an embedded Internet Explorer just isn’t the right size?  Either too small or large?  I’ve encountered this in a number of apps including Microsoft HTML Help Control (for .chm files), Windows Live Writer, and others. Since I couldn’t find the answer online, I used my…


Presidential Candidate Calculator

This is really cool!  I’m not a big political guy and honestly haven’t been keeping up with the presidential candidates as much as I feel it’s my duty as an American.  This tool asks your opinion on the top political issues in this race and gives you a breakdown of which candidates best match.…


Adult Recreational Hockey in Seattle

Playing ice hockey was always a dream for me, coming from Texas and having played a little roller hockey.  Thanks to a persistent colleague, I found out about hockey in the area.  It is super easy for anyone (a newbie to former pro) to get involved, is quite safe, and a ton of fun! I’ve…


Desktop Wallpaper from Paris, France

A few months ago I did a training week long training course in Paris, France (not Texas).  Dawn came with me and we had a fabulous time!!  I loved the city, the art, people, and incredibly rich culture.  Here are two photos of stained glass windows (each several stories high) we took inside of St. Dennis…


Texas Independence Day Today (March 2nd 1836)

Today in 1836 as Mexico’s General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was attacking the Alamo in San Antonio TX, the Texas Declaration of Independence was produced overnight and the Republic of Texas was born…. Ten years of independence brought the Texas Republic epidemics, financial crises and continued clashes with Mexico. But enduring Texas imagery was…


Post 100 – Blog Stats and Post Highlights

I was digging around recently and came across an interesting fact… My blog gets more views per month (~150%) than Microsoft official site for my team’s product, VSTS Team Developer.  Cool. This is post #100 on my blog.  So I thought is was a good time for a blog recap post.  Though I’ve only made…


MS Conference Presentations for Watch Online

Microsoft EMEA (Europe)’s TechNet website has a site called “IT’s ShOwtime!” where you can all the presentations from WinHEC, TechEd US 2006, and more online (for free).  They have sites in many languages, including English.  I’m catching up right now on BillG’s WinHEC Keynote. IT’s ShOwtime! IT’s ShOwtime! in English


Articles + Posts to Check Out

When I see a blog post or article that I want to read, investigate, follow up on, etc, I jot it down (my life runs off of lists) to look at when I have more time.  Here are some I’ve been meaning to check out.  Maybe you’ll find something of interest, or at least see…