Best of YouTube

With all the video’s being posted these days, it can be a lot of fun to go trolling through YouTube, Soapbox, Google Vids, etc, but it can be quite time consuming to find the creme of the crop.  The time I have to watch videos is usually not when I’m at my PC, but it’s…


Netflix Kills HD DVD

This is it, the final stake nailed in the HD DVD coffin.  HD DVD has been on a sinking ship, particularly since Warner Bros. turned their back on HD DVD in favor of Blu-ray.  I’ve been following this (VHS vs Betamax like) challenge in high definition digital video disc as a casual technology enthusiast, but…


Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies

This is a great quick list of the scifi movies in the pipeline.  All sorts of great movies are under production, including: The Hobbit, Star Trek XI, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones IV, Wall-E (Short Circuit III animated?) The Day the Earth Stood Still (remake w Keaunu Reeves), The Mummy III, and Logan’s…


The Scientist

On my office door, thanks to


What I’m Listening to: Santana

Carlos Santana’s music is simply awesome!  I’m addicted to these CDs.  Okay, I admit, I’m way behind in leading edge music, but seriously, if you haven’t checked out these albums, your missing out on some of the best music out there.  Santana’s old stuff is good for sure, but these collaborative albums are special. Santana…


Good Friends vs True Friends

What’s the difference between a casual friend or acquaintance and a true friend?  Well there were a few e-mail chains that I’ve combined here. Do you have “true” friends (family doesn’t count!)? A good friend will tell you what you want to hear.A true friend will always tell the truth. A good friend seeks to talk…


Funny! White and Nerdy

Weird Al does it again with a new geeky music video…  White & Nerdy is just hilarious!  Warning, you must be a major geek to fully appreciate this fine work of art. Of course there’s also the classic It’s All About the Pentiums

Bill Gates Answers the Phone

<LOL> I picked up my phone, hit a number, and got BillG (well, his voice)!   When you dial the main Microsoft phone number, 425-882-8080, an automated operator says “Who would you like to contact?”, you just speak the name and it connects you.  Real easy.  So easy that to dial internal colleagues, I usually just…


Funny: Computer Tech Support Calls

These “silly tech support calls” have been around in e-mails and online since the dawn of tech support.  They are always fun to read.  Here’s a list my sister sent me that I hadn’t seen yet.  Blogging e-mail funnies may be a bit out of character for my blog, but it is Friday and I’m…


You are: Iron Man

My friend, and a VSTS MVP, Joe Sango had this on his blog, he is The Hulk, so I gave it a try.  Quick easy and fun.  My results below. ———————————————- You are Iron Man Iron Man 90% The Flash 70% Green Lantern 70% Superman 60% Spider-Man 60% Batman 60% Robin 54% Catwoman 50% Wonder Woman…