RSS Feeds for eBay Searches

800px-EBay_Logo_svgRSS feeds are popping up right and left these days for everything from news, to friends’ pictures, to Internet searches.  Recently I discovered that eBay has RSS feeds for auction searches.  It is really handy to keep an eye out for those unique finds that can easily slip by, or as a way to group searches into one place, or as a handy way to only see new new items posted for a given search.

Here’s the RSS URL for a search:<search term here>

For example:

I’ve been refining my searches on the eBay web site, then using my favorite RSS reader to keep an eye out for stellar deals (example of a highly refined search).  There is a little RSS icon at the bottom eBay RSS iconof a search results page you can use to grab the RSS URL.  If you don’t see the icon, it may be that your search is being run by the beta program (more info).

Feed Reader of Choice
P.S.  For my RSS reader, I love the super easy workflow of Google Reader and am collating my feeds there.  The single big list concept is awesome, it has great keyboard access (just hit 'n' to see the next item), is easy to use on my mobile phone, pulls feeds automatically for me without my PC turned on, has some really nice browser integration features, searching the feeds is fast, and it uses URL based APIs which makes integrating super easy (eg: add the feed above).

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  1. Jay says:

    I’m loving ebay RSS feeds, too.  Have you figured out a way to combine them into a single feed?  I use My Yahoo as an RSS aggregator for everything (news, etc.).  I have my ebay RSS feeds in with my other content, but right now, I have to have a separate "module" for each item.  Because my criteria are so narrow, most days there is nothing in the feed.

    But I would like to have a single ebay module that shows a line item for any of the items I have on favorite search.

  2. noahc says:

    Hey Jay, well some of my searches I combined into one search on eBay using the advanced search syntax.  Then for multiple searches, I put them all under one category in Google Reader called "eBay Searches".  Then I just look at the unread items under "eBay Searches" and Google Reader effectively aggregates the new posts from the feeds.

  3. n says:

    Using ebay feeds is a great way to make some money. Just set up a free blog, sign up for ebay’s affiliate program, find some feeds, and add it to your blog.

  4. luke says:

    It’s even more fun when you use a web site like AuctionTypos and set up RSS feeds based on misspellings. You can find some really good deals that way.

  5. Mike says:

    Heloo i've got one question. where did you get this RSS URL for a search:…/rssapi term here>


  6. Shakeel says:

    Hi, is there any way to get more then one result using this eBay rss url. I am appending "&frpp=50" number of result purpose.


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