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ThinkGeek Logo What true geek doesn’t just love the site  Where one can fulfill their gizmo, t-shirt, poster, plant, science, toy craze of nerddom.  I’ve had a number of items from the site on my wishlist through a few birthdays and Christmas holidays now with no love, so I just broke down and made this batch purchase.  I’m so excited to get my toys in I printed out my receipt to look at till they arrive.  :) 

ThinkGeek, Carnivorous Creations
Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

As a kid I was fascinated with carnivorous plants and would spend my hard earned money buying whatever new carnivorous plant the local nursery would get in.  This kits’ got a mix of ‘em all, Yellow Trumpet, Hooded Pitcher Plant, Purple Pitcher Plant, Pale Trumpet, Temperate Sundew Plants, Cobra Lillies  (p.s. don’t forget to watch the brilliant musical The Little Shop of Horrors)

 ThinkGeek, Tardis USB Hub
Doctor Who Tardis 4 Port USB Hub

Long time fan of Dr Who, I just couldn’t resist this!  There’s also Dr Who’s Sonic Screwdriver, RC Dalek, and other Dr Who stuff.  I had to start somewhere, and this’ll not only look cool on the desk, it’ll be a drop-dead giveaway for the enlightened.

ThinkGeek, erspectrum
Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Poster

When I was a kid my Dad & I had a ‘standard set’ of scientific posters in our electronics lab, including the atomic periodic table, illustration of space probes, solar radiation spectrum, and a similar radio frequency chart to this one.  I spent hours studying the charts and the radio spectrum was always one of my favorites to discuss.  I’ve been wanting one of these for years, they’re hard to find, and seeing ThinkGeek started carrying this is the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’, the one item that caused me to place this whole order in the first.

ThinkGeek, lg-you-are-dumb2 You are dumb v2.0

Stylish.  These actually look reasonably cool.  I’m frequently looking for the next geek shirt and have purchased some flops (SQL query, etc) and an occasional win (Resistance is Futile (if <1 ohm)), but now my requirement is that the shirt is first off stylish, then geeky.  I’m not a fan of the message on this one per-say, but it looks wearable.

Tron Poster
Tron Movie Poster

This was an item I’ve dearly wanted for over two years, but waited too late and ThinkGeek stopped carrying it, so I found another vendor. Tron 2.0 was one of my favorite PC games too, and there’s rumor of a Tron movie sequel in the works.  I loved the movie and the poster is still stylish to this day.  It’ll make fine wall art for my office.

Among other things worth checking out…

Their website is a fun customer experience as well, with customer shots, fun videos (see the Flux Capacitor), easy navigation, and RSS feeds.  One thing I’ve learned is if you see something you really like, get it quick, I’ve missed out on several items that I had hoped to get due to them being discontinued.  So if you’re a geek, or know one, get your nerd on and head on over to

p.s. Some other great sites/catalogs are Edmund Scientific’s, Gadget Universe,’s Gadgets, and for the electronic hobbyist, Phidgets and Parallax microcontrollers.

Question for You:  What’s a favorite geek toy of yours?  Gotten anything recently?

Comments (5)

  1. Gary DeReese says:

    My original, mint-condition 1982 print Tron movie poster has been the centerpiece of my game/media room for many years now.

    I hope the prints you linked to in your post from eBay are repro’s – given the affordable price I would feel embarrassed at how much $ I dropped to get my original! 🙂

  2. Alan Stevens says:

    Darn you Noah! It’s your fault that a shiny new Tron poster is on its way to my door. 😉


  3. Gadget geek says:

    Carnivorous plants comes under green gadgets,,, am i right?

  4. <a href="">TARDIS Fan</a> says:

    I would really love to get that USB Hub! Tell my wife.

  5. Gipsy@Geeky Gadgets says:

    I love those above gadgets. I think those gadgets are really awesome. I like the T-shirt very much. I think all of those <ahref="">geeky gadgets</a> are so much reasonable.

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