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bestofyoutube With all the video's being posted these days, it can be a lot of fun to go trolling through YouTube, Soapbox, Google Vids, etc, but it can be quite time consuming to find the creme of the crop.  The time I have to watch videos is usually not when I'm at my PC, but it's when I'm standing in line, waiting in traffic, on the airplane, sitting around waiting, etc.  I'm also passionate about simply efficiency and keeping the workflow of any given process as streamlined as possible...  so thank goodness there are people out there that do most the work finding a regular stream of entertaining videos and making them easily accessible. is a great site that does just this, and makes it super easy by allowing subscriptions through iTunes.  So if you've got a video iPod, best be subscribing to the iTunes feed, if you've got another POD or reader, there's the classic RSS video feed too.

Here are just a few recent vids I particularly enjoyed:

Searching Vids: For searching videos, I've been using Google Video, they'll search videos on most popular sites, not just Google's own hosted videos, but I just started trying out Microsoft's Live Search for Videos, which will show a matrix of thumbnails that will actually play the video as you hover the mouse over them, cool.

Ask to You: Know of any other best-of video feeds?  I like sites like and others, but wish they had RSS/iTunes subscriptions to get the top rated videos.  Do you know of any great vid feeds?  thnx

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  1. William Reading says:

    But will it work for my zunepod?

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