Speaking at TechEd 2008: VS 2008 IDE Tips & Tricks

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My session entitled Visual Studio 2008 IDE Tips and Tricks has been accepted!  I've got a lot of ideas already but am looking forward to researching tips & tricks from the community, MVPs, MS devs, blogs, etc.  Here's the abstract...

Harness the power of the 2008 IDE using new tips and tricks top Microsoft MVPs developers and Microsoft employees use.  We'll look at new keyboard shortcuts, new options, the powerful 'Quick Command' system, macros, tweaking IDE performance, and more that will make any developer using Visual Studio instantly more productive.  The entire session is hands on inside the IDE and applicable to any language, including VB, C#, and C++.  If you've been using Visual Studio 2005 or never touched Visual Studio, you're guaranteed to walk away more of a VS power user.

Bill Gates will be the opening keynote!  This is probably the last time he'll be keynoting TechEd as he's retiring soon.  It'll be something special to see.

I could use your help!  This talk is going to include a bunch of tips from our teams, but also tips from the community; so are some of your favorite new features/tricks in the VS 2008 IDE?


So my team working on the Visual Studio Shell is way understaffed right now, we're suppose to have a compliment of 4 to 8 Program Managers and currently I'm the only one holding down the fort and keeping things moving until we can fully staff up.  Consequently, my manager pulled the plug on me going to TechEd this year.  🙁 :(  This news came just as I found out the talk is already the #1 attendee voted session for the Developer track.  Thankfully I was able to save the topic by working with Sara Ford and Charlie Calvert, Charlie is going to present the talk (thanks Charlie!).  I hope everyone has a blast at TechEd and I am going to sorely miss it and getting to see the excitement and friends.  Have fun!

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  1. It's funny that I've never actually given a formal talk at a conference before, and at this year's

  2. Tuesday starts TechEd 2008, where I’ll find myself presenting three(!) talks.  The third talk came

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