Boycott Starbucks, Support Tully’s

Hate Starbucks Simply put, Starbucks charges for their wireless Internet access, Tully's is completely free.  I'm not a big coffee drinker (my drink: grande soy mocha 1-shot decaf w/ whip) but I hear from my Seattlites that Tully's coffee is better too.  If you're not familiar with Tully's, they are probably the #2 coffee chain in the area, much like Starbucks in appearance, but a world better in terms of of service w/ free wifi.  If there were fewer Starbucks, there'd be more Tully's, and hence more free wifi.  If there isn't a Tully's close by, support your local coffee shops w/ free wifi.  See more on locating a Free Wifi Spot

Tully's Coffee Has Free WiFi Internet


Update: Blake Handler (blog) sent me notice that Starbucks recently announced they are going to be switching internet providers from T-Mobile to AT&T and providing two hours of free Internet access with purchase.  It's about time!  (article)

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  1. Programmerman says:

    Interestingly, Starbucks announced today (or in the past couple days) that they’re changing wifi providers.  Part of this change will include 2 hours of free access per visit (or maybe per day) for anyone with a Starbucks card.

    My only real reason for going into Starbucks over the other local options is that I like the people who work there.

  2. Mom says:

    Noah-I went to Tully’s website:

    to look for one near us but found out that the closest one is 61.5 miles away.  I’d like to visit the one you go to next time we’re in Seattle.  I’ll treat you to a grande soy mocha

    1-shot decaf with whip.   : )-=[

    That’s a satisfied Tully’s customer sipping their coffee while working on their computer enjoying their free wireless Internet access.

  3. jeff fuller says:

    Boycott them both, their coffe is marginal at best and their big box corporate BS combined with the "I’m so special it takes 20 words to describe my coffee order" while my fellow patrons wait 20 minutes for them to make my coffee.

    Go Peete’s or for that matter Dunkin’ Doughnuts makes better coffee, not to mention having better baked goods

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