My Moo Cards

My Moo MiniCards arrived!  I've been eyeing these little things for over a year now.  They're like a 'hip' little full color business card replacement.  A coworker gave me one to keep in touch and I was surprised by the impressive high quality, so I bit the bullet and ordered some.


The cost is $20 + $5 s/h = $25 total for a little box of 100 cards.  You can use anywhere from one photo to 100 different photos (eg: 5 photos = 20 cards with each picture).  They're step-by-step process made it real easy and their online software to 'slice' photos worked flawlessly.

They're small, about 60% the size of a normal business card.

Here's what the back looks like.  They'll put a little thumbnail pic on the back and several lines of text.  I was going for a 'modern' look with just my name and a URL for contact info. 

You've got just to love good high quality products like this.  It reminds me of my canonical example of all around top quality, LEGO toys... very well engineered, great ecosystem, strong community, and people just love the product.

I haven't actually passed out many of the Moo cards yet, perhaps because I rarely ever pass out business cards or because right now these have that 'new factor' that makes me hold on to them, but I'm looking forward to using them. 🙂

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