1TB External USB HDD for $100

I was just browsing my favorite computer supplier, newegg.com, when I came across this awesome deal.  It is a 1 TB "Hammer Storage" USB 2.0 external drive.  Sure it’s not a major brand and the $100 is after a $20 mail-in rebate, but hey, what an amazing deal. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822111019 Last night I was browsing for…


Don’t Vote

http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1832128  (tis the season…) (thanks to noah’s mark)


Delegate Type Inference in C#

Today I saw some C# language syntax that made me think, "hey, wait a minute, I didn’t know you could do that!", so perhaps it’ll be new to someone else too.  Honestly, I don’t know how I missed this memo. Let’s start off with the code, then we’ll talk about it.  I’ll including some additional…


RSS Feeds for eBay Searches

RSS feeds are popping up right and left these days for everything from news, to friends’ pictures, to Internet searches.  Recently I discovered that eBay has RSS feeds for auction searches.  It is really handy to keep an eye out for those unique finds that can easily slip by, or as a way to group…


Free iPod Nano from KeyBank

Update (9/4/08): Looks like KeyBank has ended this promotion by now.  Who knows, maybe they’ll try again in the future. KeyBank is giving away a free iPod Nano when you open an account!  About six months back Dawn and I got our spiffy iPod Nano this way and have been enjoying them ever since.  It…


ThinkGeek, Gadget Toy Love

What true geek doesn’t just love the site ThinkGeek.com?  Where one can fulfill their gizmo, t-shirt, poster, plant, science, toy craze of nerddom.  I’ve had a number of items from the site on my wishlist through a few birthdays and Christmas holidays now with no love, so I just broke down and made this batch…


Capturing One’s "Stream of Consciousness" in OneNote

Much of the time on the PC is spent rapidly moving from one task to another so quickly that it can be a challenge to keep context of all the projects, web sites, files, thoughts, etc one’s been working with throughout the day.  It’s the bane of all PC users to some extent.  We’re frequently…


Embedded IE Text Size Too Small (or Large)

Ever notice the text or font in applications that use an embedded Internet Explorer just isn’t the right size?  Either too small or large?  I’ve encountered this in a number of apps including Microsoft HTML Help Control (for .chm files), Windows Live Writer, and others. Since I couldn’t find the answer online, I used my…


Windows Hot Keys with AutoHotKey

I’m a big fan of keeping my hands on the keyboard as much as possible and having real quick easy ‘one-touch’ access to my favorite apps, web sites, and tasks.  It’s just amazing how much more productive one can be when using the keyboard instead of the mouse.  Think of any common app you use…


Best of YouTube

With all the video’s being posted these days, it can be a lot of fun to go trolling through YouTube, Soapbox, Google Vids, etc, but it can be quite time consuming to find the creme of the crop.  The time I have to watch videos is usually not when I’m at my PC, but it’s…