SnagIt + VSTS = Integration Love

TechSmith created a plugin for SnagIt that lets you take a screen capture and real quick create a new work item or update a work item with the image attached, cool.  They did some nice stuff around it too, check it out...

Download the SnagIt Output for VSTS

The Team System menu lets you create a new work item, or put the image on an exiting work item.

The "Update Existing Item" dialog has a "Work item search", which is way cool!  It searched the work items real fast.  Thank goodness, it can be a pain to remember ID numbers.  Smart


The "New Work Item" dialog has a "Do not display this dialog again", wish all dialogs had that option.

I learned that you must be running SnagIt v8.3 to enable these Output plugins.  I was running v8.2 and needed to upgrade.  Brian Harry posted about it too.  BTW, their new site is cool, wish they had a community account, something cheep I could afford (~$30/yr).  I heard TechSmith uses Team System internally, rock on.

Comments (2)

  1. Paul Middlin says:

    Hi; you actually need version 8.2.3; there is no 8.3. 8.2.0 didn’t work well with .Net-based accessories, so that’s why you need the most recent one.

    I work for TechSmith, and saw your post so I thought I’d chime in 😉  Glad you like the accessory! And you’re right- all of our development teams are using Team System and it’s working out pretty darn well for us.

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