TechEd 2007: DEV320 Follow Up

An Overview of Visual Studio Team Developer tools was given at TechEd 2007 as DEV320, Writing Maintainable and Robust Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System.  Here are the resources from the session and you can watch it now online.  If you saw the session at TechEd and are now reading this post, Abhijit and I hope you not only enjoyed it, but learned of some easy to use tools that will help reduce your code complexity and improve quality.

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Video Timing Key
 Topic  Intro   Demo 
Code Analysis 6:58 9:05
Code Metrics 23:00 27:56
Profiling 33:03 34:50
Unit Testing w/ Code Coverage 46:27 49:46
Profiling w/ a Unit Test 1:03:20 1:03:52
Blogs (from the VSTS Team)

Profiler Blog
Ian Huff
Steve Carroll
Richard Wurdack
Code Analysis
Code Metrics

FxCop Blog
David M. Kean
Unit Testing

Naysawn Naderi
Team System Quality Tools
Dominic Hopton

Jeff Beehler
Brian Harry
All Other Blogs


Other Resources

Comments (4)

  1. There was someone who asked how to share code analysis settings across projects, and I mentioned how to do it.. It seems David Kean has blogged on the very subject in more detail:

  2. At TechEd this year, Noah and Abhijit gave one of the highest ranked talks of the week. I had the pleasure

  3. Noah Coad says:

    The Visual Studio Team System Profiler is a tool that helps find resource bottle necks in your application.

  4. Computer Repair says:

    Great post, really helped me understand how this all works, thank you! I will come back again.

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