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Latest Update, WinDirStat (6/18/08)
Found a newer and better tool!  WinDirStat is also free and shows a nice graphical chart of the types of files and folders.
Update for Windows Vista
I've been using Vista now for awhile and the tool below does not support Vista.  I've been using TreeSize Free which is working out great.  I've added it to my Send To folder so I can access it by right-clicking any folder.  Cheerio

This is one of the greatest little tools I've found lately!

It replaces the "Size" column in Windows Explorer, which normally doesn't show anything for folders, with a "Folder Size" column that displays the cumulative size of the folder.  This is incredibly useful for clearing HDD space.  This is definitely one of those apps you wish Windows included as a feature.

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  1. For me, "TreeSize" (, the freeware version of, is a great tool to show folder sizes, including a graphical bar.

    They also do have a commercial version, but I dislike the lot of features in it.

  2. Kris says:

    I am a bit charry about installing third party shell extensions  mainly because it becomes an integral part of your PC experience and let’s say if there is a memory leak that the author has overlooked it, then your overall experience is affected. That being said, this is a nice addon and with Virtual Machines and snapshots, it is easy to try out third party shell extensions.

  3. I ‘ve used this program for the last few versions  — but I’m not too keen on their "Vista Sucks" link on their page (^_^)

  4. Fujikid says:

    So it crashes every once in a while, and slows down your computer. That’s no reason to uninstall it. Well, if you really want to, use the Add or Remove Programs control panel. You’ll have to manually fix the columns in Explorer too.

  5. Fujikid says:

    ^^^^That’s the bit I don’t like on the foldersize site.

    I agree that’s no reason to uninstall it. The uninstall option simply won’t be available as that’s a very good reason not to install it in the first place.

  6. noahc says:


    Strange, it’s never noticably slowed down my PC or caused any problems.  In fact, I’ve been quite impressed that it has run so smoothly.  Wish all my apps were that reliable.

  7. Jordan says:

    I would love nothing more than to see this work in Vista.  

    OK, scratch that.  My preference would be to have this feature built natively into Vista.  But, being as that is not the case, I would LOVE for this to be supported in Vista.

    The developer posts:

    "Hey, I am the developer of Folder Size. It brings a tear to my eye to see such lamentation about Folder Size not supporting Vista. Vista removes the API that I used to add the column. F*cking Vista. I don’t see why they couldn’t have implemented some translation layer from the old interface to their new system."


  8. Stephen says:

    This does beg the question: WHY has this not been a feature built into windows for years by now? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  9. James says:

    It goes to show how lazy Microsoft is … it seems like such a basic failure in the Windows series, no easily read folder size!

  10. Bob Jones says:

    And yet, if you delete a folder and check your Recycle bin, it has the ‘size’ column right there! So Windows knows what the filesize of the folder is, why not display it everywhere else?


  11. AndyJ says:

    "It goes to show how lazy Microsoft is … it seems like such a basic failure in the Windows series, no easily read folder size!"

    I suppose that depends on your point of view:

  12. kbiel says:

    "It goes to show how lazy Microsoft is … it seems like such a basic failure in the Windows series, no easily read folder size!"

    I never felt so put out by just right clicking the folder and choosing properties.  Now who’s being lazy?

  13. umeca74 says:

    i guess the foldersize bloke is miffed coz vista did away with column handlers altogether and thus this kind of extension and many other similar ones that are columns not associated to any file type (e.g. TSVN stuff) are foobar’d

  14. omygosh says:

    what a piece of crap!

    you may install this app if you got a single hd not too crowded.

    Try to use it with a huge raid array with, say, an average per disk 10000 subdirs and

    300000 files.

    Or better (or worse, it depends on your point ov view) like AndyJ pointed out,

    try it on one or more clients in an even small network.

    You may see the light then…

    ps the light of your ranting harddisk, i meant

    have a good day

  15. jm says:

    It has it’s uses, I used to install it when I needed to clean up my drive, and disable all other times. Windows should have it built in for those who want it. It does use up resources though.

    Right clicking properties is fine but when you are cleaning house it gets old quick. The Treesize works fine in vista though and it’s easy, quick, free, and temporary. But it was nice having it incorporated into explorer.

  16. Rusty says:

    FIX!  It is the long way around but it works.  Install the free Microsoft Virtual PC into Vista (you gotta have your legit copy of XP to install into this program).  Then, install folder size.  Then, share your Vista drives with full rights.  Then run the Virtual XP and look into your network workgroup shared Vista hard drive and it works!

  17. dweezil says:

    interesting problem… noodled way too long with it, but i want that info on the details pane, it seems so natural… seems like a big project… do you keep virtual XP set up for this purpose? is it worth it? i read that calculating all those sizes in explorer would kill speed… is it that bad? thanks for running interferance and making noise… maybe they will fix this in sp 8 or 9…-d

  18. whooaahh says:

    Want folder size, use a Mac. Apple introduced this long long ago, over 10 years.

    Think Different..

  19. Molkin says:

    So, till no solution for Vista ?

    I use to scan my drives. and I have the folder size in it…

    If someone need it…



  20. Riggs says:

    Once this dude finds a work around for the smallest most useful plug in to what Microsoft forgot to put in again. I’m there. Foldersize is for Windows and 3rd praty file manager is for DOS and seems to have a Nag window for upgrades.

    Over the Years, this utility has helped me find Viruses and extremely hidden files.

  21. Charles says:

    Windows 3.1 had this function in the file manager, but it was removed in Windows 95.

  22. Charles says:

    I forgot to mention, I do a lot of HD backups, recovering peoples data from their HDs if their computer is bad, or if it just needs reformatted.  Foldersize is such a valuable tool finding out where the data on a HDD is, I couldn’t work without it.  I once found that Norton was keeping 80GB of log files in a normally unused directory.  I would have never right-clicked that folder to find the size.

  23. Brian says:

    "Want folder size, use a Mac. Apple introduced this long long ago, over 10 years.

    Think Different.."

    Umm…don’t think so.  I own a Mac running Leopard and Apple is just as guilty of not including such obvious info to the detail view.  Linux FTW this round.

  24. james says:

    Yer Linux is generally ftw in every case..but nothing beats windows for just ease of use (even with the least there’s a quickly findable fix for whatever problem crops up) unlike Mac which you cant even google for the problem cos its so retarded or difficult to describe.

  25. Slavescu Emanuel says:

    If "Windows 3.1 had this function in the file manager, but it was removed in Windows 95.", then, Micro$oft, you’re doing it wrong!… Epic, epic FAIL!

  26. Andriy says:

    For Windows XP: Use ExplorerXP

    For Windows Vista: Use Directory Opus although ExplorerXP works 2.

  27. forjo says:

    I use "Idoswin Free" to see where my disk space has got to. The Option "Show Directory Size" in the "View" menu must be checked.

    In other respects I use Windows Explorer, because Idoswin Free has other lacks, e.g. doesn’t show Last Access column.

  28. JB says:

    FolderSizes ( is the absolute BEST of the commercial tools available. Has many advanced features, and has saved my butt many, many times.

  29. Dawood says:

    Here’s how you may enable displaying folders size without installation of any additional software:  

  30. Shiraz99 says:

    Hey Dawood, I can not get your software to run under Windows 7

    Sorry !!

  31. alienYOUTH says:

    I’m surprised that Microsoft hasnt thot of this in Windows 7. Anywayz, for us XP users…Dawood, ur software rocks!!!

  32. semperfi89 says:

    Hay Dawood,

    You say that you don’t have to install software with your method…  Sorry but step #1 says to download install a dll….

    So I must disagree with you about that.

  33. Linda says:

    Thank you for your recommendations, but I think this FREE tool is way better than the listed above.

    And yes it can list also backup and system folders!!!…/Folder-Size.html

  34. Micro Arrogance says:

    "This does beg the question: WHY has this not been a feature built into windows for years by now?" (asked seven years ago.)

    The reason is (1) lazy excuses and (2) arrogance. Just take a look at the MSDN forums and other microsoft forums. When various EXPERIENCED people ask why they are told "go read my post again" or "it would be too resource intensive." Any programmer with ANY experience knows that a cache or background process can be created for large folder trees. AND the "feature" (really more like a basic function) COULD BE AN OPTION.

    A detailed view with BLANK folder sizes, for over 15 years now. Microsoft can't seem to implement THE BASICS first.

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