Friends? You+Me+Netflix

Got a Netflix account?  Let's be friends, and share queues / recently watched lists.  I'm always looking for good recommendations and perhaps you can find some too.  My netflix account is  Please include your real full name when adding. 🙂

As a related link, awhile back I posted some of my favorite movies & shows.  It's a good list to start with if you're looking for recommendations.  My latest favorite is the new Doctor Who!  It rocks!!

Comments (4)

  1. As a Netflix & Windows Presentation Foundation fan — you’re got to check out this new Netlfix "lab" program that I demo on Windows Vista all the time . . .

  2. Dawn says:

    The new Dr Who is AWESOME!  Gotta love the 9th doctor!

  3. Noah Coad says:

    Hey Blake, that was really cool!!  Very nice work indeed.  Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Monkey fish says:

    hey great site guys keep up the great work thanks for posts 🙂

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