Music I Wrote as a Kid

When I was about 14yrs old I was playing around with MIDI on the PC, I didn't have a piano keyboard, long before MP3s were around.  I wrote the three little tunes.  I recently came across them and thought I'd share. 🙂

  • Friends, my 1st, a duet for piano and violin (1min), but that's a "trumpet" sound playing the violin part, the MIDI sync violin sound at the time was pathetic
  • Lemmings, a quick little dilly (20sec) that reminded me of the old PC game Lemmings (play it online!), it has 8 instruments.
  • Cool1, my favorite, a fun short tune (1min) w/ a few instruments.

Keep in mind, this was the humble attempt of a 14yr-old way back in the day when MODs ruled the earth and Win3.1 was just released.  I didn't have a keyboard, these are manually entered notes, so there aren't any dynamics.  My sound card was an early Sound Blaster AWE32, so the MIDI to WAV port (now WAV to MP3) isn't the greatest, but hey, it's cute.

P.S.  I'm now getting into multi-track recoding using my digital piano, guitars (acoustic, classical, and electric), and my wife's voice & violin playing.  🙂

Comments (4)

  1. Aunt Jordy says:

    What a warming wave of nostalgia washed over me as I listened again to your songs – beautiful then and beautiful now.  May God continue to use this gift in you.

  2. u.Charlie says:


    Would you believe I still have most of the original MODs you gave me way back then?  I have since converted them to MP3(pro).

    The LEMMINGS is my favorite.  I keep it (or did have it) on the desktop of one of my computers.  That light hearted, airy chiming music helps my spirit float.  When I play it, I have to have 5 or 6 repeats to get my fix.  

    Remember way back demonstrating your sound board to me in my 486 computer?   That was the first time I heard a computer "singing" instead of doing "work".   Quite a pleasant shock for me then.  (I had grown up on old Blue’s (IBM) big iron boxes which knew nothing about music.)  I think that sound board I bought from you is still around here somewhere if you’d like to have it for a Coad Museum exhibit

    Back in college — in the last century — we had a primitive IBM 1620 computer (CPU, console typewriter, card reader and punch,  –that’s all!) that could play music, sort of.  It had fixed length instructions.  Someone wrote a program with loops in it that would play a monotone melody over an AM radio that was placed against the console.  Just find the best signal on the AM band and listen to the computer "sing".   Later computers became faster, and the AM radio thing did not work well.  The computer internal frequencies became too fast.  

  3. Coolness,  I use to mess around with mods and s3ms.  I really liked Cubic Player back in the 486 days. 🙂

  4. Mom says:

    Oh Noah, these three compositions brought back a flood of memories-and tears-as I heard once again these tunes that you wrote as such a very gifted teenager.  I loved them then back in the 90’s, and I love them now.  Thank you for the opportunity to hear them again and have them accessible now through this blog post.  This music may have helped you get into Texas A&M where competition was (and still is) stiff, as the admissions office said that they did indeed listen to the tape of these original compositions that you included in your thick admissions packet.  Sending the music in with your 22 page admissions packet was to help them see that your giftedness was also in areas other than the technical realm.  You also had credits for agricultural engineering from all your farm-related engineering projects that you did with Dad and business credits for successfully creating and running Coad Computer Consulting for six years.  What a talented person you have been and are.

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