VSTS Book: Professional Team Foundation Server

Congratulations to my friends Jean-Luc David, Mickey Gousset, and Erik Gunvaldson on thier recent book!  This is the definitive book on TFS out.  It is a great companion to Jean-Luc, Erik and my last book Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Jean-Luc David is a former VSTS MVP and is now a Developer Evangelist for Canada. Mickey…


Rapid Pickup Process

Dawn says I’m good at attacking a mess in the house (papers, trinkets, living room, clothing, a messy desk, etc) and very quickly making it look picked up.  Suppose its one of those obsessive compulsive tendencies.  Well I was reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done and got all inspired by his "Breaking Projects into Short…


Logitech Harmony Remote – The Ultimate Universal Remote

The Logitech Harmony Remote Controls have got to be some of the coolest, best TV/VCR/DVD/Audio/MMPC/X-10/XBox/etc remote control ever. They use a USB connection to the PC for programming, can learn from other remotes, support practically every device under the sun, they look sleek and elegant, and are incredibly easy to use.  A number of friends…


Vista: Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Explorer

When navigating files in Windows Vista, either in Windows Explorer or a File Dialog (like “Open File”), I just discovered there some new keyboard shortcuts.  Here they are: New Vista Commands ALT + Up Arrow Move up a folder (to the parent folder) ALT + Left Arrow Move back in history ALT + Right Arrow…


I’m Upgrading to Windows Vista and Office 2007

My only work computer (laptop w/ XP Pro) died this morning.  Since we just RTMed Windows Vista, I figured it was about time to upgrade!  Unfortunately our internal support won’t have Windows Vista RTM ready for network install for another four days, but I’ve got to have something now, so I’ll be wiping out my…


Getting a Small Virtual PC Image – WinXP Pro in 550MB

I find Virtual PC (now free!) incredibly useful!  VPCs are just so great for testing software, control development environments, trying shareware, training courses, etc.  My main system is a laptop with limited HDD space so getting to as small as a VPC as possible (yet still useful) has been a pursuit of mine the last few weeks….


Insert Formatted Clipboard plugin for Window Live Writer

Download: Insert Formatted Clipboard for WLW Setup WLW Beta2 Update: WLW Beta2 now support pasting formatted clipboard contents so I was going to pull this tool.  But for some reason this tool still produces better results (as far as I can tell).  So if you’re not happy with the default paste results, this tool may…


The Multi-Tasking Myth

Jeff Atwood has a great post on the cost of context-switching between projects.  The results are amazing.  There is a huge productivity loss by juggling more than one thing at a time.  I can personally identify with the quality loss when trying to “do homework while watching a movie” or “browse the web while on a…


MS Word Tip: Automatic Bold on Bulleted Lists

I was just typing along just now and stumbled on this handy feature of MS Word. As a PM, I practically live in Word, so it is exiting to find a new, quite unexpected, feature that I can use on an almost daily basis. Say you want to create a bulleted list with headers, like…


Funny! White and Nerdy

Weird Al does it again with a new geeky music video…  White & Nerdy is just hilarious!  Warning, you must be a major geek to fully appreciate this fine work of art. Of course there’s also the classic It’s All About the Pentiums