Texas Renaissance Festival

This past weekend my wife and I flew down to Houston Texas for the largest renaissance festival in the US, the Texas Ren Faire.  Dawn has been going to the fair for over a decade and I’ve been the last four or five years.  We always have a blast!  There are just a few posted…


Andre Rieu Concert

Last week Dawn, my sister Sarah, and I attended an Andre Rieu concert in Seattle, it was a blast!  Andre is known around the world for his orchestra w/ choir and traveling guests.  The orchestra ladies dress in beautiful gowns, they play fun music, and have excellent soloists.  The shows are frequently shown on public…


VSTS Love w/ Korean Rap Music Video

Check this out!  The Koreans really love VSTS, they even have a song about it!  <lol> This was good entertainment, even though I only understood four words (you figure out which four).  I wonder what they’re saying the rest of the song…  A transcript would be real nice.  Enjoy it. Update on 10/31/06: Thanks to…


VSTS Desktop Wallpaper

It’s desktop background image w/ my product on it!  I typically have wallpaper turned off with a plain blue colored desktop, but this is a real nice blue.  The logo is in the bottom right corner so it doesn’t interfere with desktop icons (typically in the top left corner).  It is also set up a…


Gang Green Team Photo

My hockey team, Gang Green, just entered the Winter 2006 season of the Greater Seattle Hockey League (part of USA Hockey).  This is our 2nd season and we just got new jerseys!  Our team website is http://ganggreen.org/  That’s me in the middle with the C on my chest. (p.s.  Yes, we won this game!)


SlickRun: Command Your PC

Get SlickRun (download now) I’m a keyboard guy.  Give me shortcuts.  Let’s see how long I can go w/out touching the mouse.  To this end, for years I’ve wanted an app that would let me type short commands to access files, folders, programs, web pages, write email, etc.  I started writing my own app (called…


KANO Analysis – Prioritize Your Backlog

A product I once worked on completely failed when it got into the customers hands and the business eventually went under, for one key engineering reason.  The product had too many customer dissatisfiers (missing key features, broken workflow, etc) because customer feedback wasn’t used to prioritize the work.  Recently my team here at Microsoft had…


Register a Custom URL Protocol Handler

Perhaps you’re familiar with such URL protocol handlers such as http://microsoft.com, ftp://user:pass@server  outlook:Contacts, file://http://www.coad.net/blog/images/Greenstone.bmp, ms-help://… Want to make your own client-side URL handler?  Maybe to pull data from a source and display it, share content between applications, launch apps from web links, etc? Say you want to be able to link from your intranet to…


400GB HDD for $90

Fry’s Outpost is has a great deal on a 400GB HDD for only $90.  It is the slightly older EIDE ATA 100 interface (not SATA) but looks like a good drive.  Its a great deal and includes free ground shipping.  It uses the new Perpendicular Recording Technology (click that link, it’s a funny cartoon!).  Thanks to Gizmodo…


ChoiceMail – 100% of Junk Email Gone

Get a lot of spam?  My personal address, noah@coad.net, gets about a 1,000 a week, but I don’t see a single one of them.  If you don’t mind getting spam, this isn’t for you.  If you find junk mail annoying, and the viruses, identify theft (from phishing), and flooding of your inbox that comes with it, read on……