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When I see a blog post or article that I want to read, investigate, follow up on, etc, I jot it down (my life runs off of lists) to look at when I have more time.  Here are some I've been meaning to check out.  Maybe you'll find something of interest, or at least see what catches my eye.

How to compact my virtual disk?

The implementation of anonymous
methods in C# and its consequences

The Microsoft Interview, How to Respond

The Five Love Languages Profile Test

Verbal Driving Guidance with GPS Locator

Windows Live Development

Rob Howard: Great Mind in Development

Microsoft Robotics Studio

Workaround for the CLICK TO ACTIVATE irritant in IE,guid,fde4277d-2efa-476b-888b-1e8d23a1675e.aspx

More on Microsoft's Windows for old PCs (Windows Fundamentals)

Teamprise 2.0 Preview Program

Bread and butter Resharper (demo) - level 300

HD DVD and Blu-ray Compared Using Identical Source Material

Shortening Long File Paths in C#

The little guy helps out Microsoft

Hiring technical people, take 1 - level 100

Hiring technical people, take 2 - level 100

Remotely access a PC for FREE

HowTo: Unblock restricted file attachments in Microsoft Outlook

Lego Mindstorm NXT at Microsoft

X-Men: The Last Stand Interview w/ Patrick Stewart

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Texas,2933,204718,00.html

Top 10 Coolest LEGO Gadgets

Creating Smaller Virtual Machines

Have Local.Live call places for you

Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 1

NFJS: Cleaning up your code with Neal Ford – level 200

Create a Data Access Layer in less than 15 minutes

Mix 06 Presentation & Building Products Customers Love

Screencasting with the Stars!

Text Messaging version of PayPal

PHLAT - Intuitive Personal Search

Old Skool Trippin', Part I

Spell Checker for HTML and ASP.NET pages

Oooo, cool (dates & times)

Azurues sucks, uTorrent doesn't,guid,368d62eb-4f28-4bc0-8b63-89069b306e70.aspx

Microsoft Robotics Studio,guid,52700bf1-ab0f-409b-9772-2311820b84b9.aspx

Super sweet javascript

Team Explorer free download and CodePlex

Did IE6 Make Web 2.0 Possible?

Getting started with “Getting Things Done”

Automated testing with .Net - an overview - level 200

dnrTV - Mark Dunn on ADO.NET 2.0

PowerShell Script to Create a WorkItem,guid,f1840c93-fc6f-4673-bdde-0af89add5ab9.aspx

Windows PowerShell Programmer's Guide

Testing PowerShell scripts with NUnit

The Seven Deadly Sins of Programmers

Word 2003: XML Software Development Kit (SDK)

Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now

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