WinKey – Windows Key Assignment Freeware

One of my favorite apps, that was worth the time to share with the blogsphere, is WinKey.  It is a very simple little freeware app that lets you assign commands (win apps or console apps) or folders to that handy little Windows flag key.

Being a keyboard junky, I love this app.  I assign my most common apps to the keys, like Win-X for Internet Explorer, Win-C for the command prompt, Win-W for my text editor, and Win-Ctrl-B for my blogging app.  I use Win-Ctrl-D to open my "Dump" folder where I move items to to keep my desktop clean.

I've written a number of apps that I only access through WinKey, using it as the hotkey for my app.  It saves me from adding the code to my apps to put an icon in the system tray, UI for the user to select their key of choice, and managing the windows message handling for the keystroke.

It it just a little .exe, so it is helpful to add a shortcut in the Startup folder to run it minimized at startup.

My WinKey Settings

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  1. saAction says:

    grate job. it is realy very usefull.

  2. Levent says:

    This is a great utility I have been using for a while. However, I just found out that the developer discontinued this product. Whatever that means for us users… ( (or hit winkey+ctrl+f9 if you have winkey installed 😉

    I recently noticed a subtle "bug" with this software. It doesn’t keep the environment variables intact as a program is launched. You can try this:

    1. Open a command window (go to startmenu>run and type cmd)

    2. Type in echo %PATH%

    3. Now set a shortcut in WinKey for command windows. The executable is C:windowssystem32cmd.exe

    4. Now bring up the command windows using WinKey shortcut.

    5. Type in echo %PATH%

    See the difference?


  3. noahc says:


    It is normal when a new process is launched for the environment variables to be copied to the new process’ environment, and not copied back to the system.  This is the correct default behavoir of new processes.  If you want to get around this, there are tools like JPSoft’s 4NT that let you modify system environment variables.

  4. Noah Coad says:

    In today’s age of receiving dozens to 100s of e-mails a day, quickly processing these is critical. 

  5. Noah Coad says:

    When you search, it takes you to product pages that have a real long URL. It can be nice and

  6. Curator says:

    Try WinKeyPlus if you are using Windows 7.

    You can download WinKeyPlus from

    Map applications, folders and even text to key combinations.

    You can also disable keys. (I am looking at you F1).

  7. Abby says:

    Why doesn't WinKey open in a window? it's just in the bar at the bottom.

  8. bee says:

    my screen is so big it says 600×800 or the other way around, i need the bigger one 22×124 not sure?

    but resolutions wont let me change do you know why?0

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