CoadNet VS Project Templates, Quick Code + Console App for C# in VS05

Toolbox - SmallHere are two project templates that I created and use on an almost daily basis that I packaged up to share.  About a year ago I posted one of my project templates for VS03.NET, “Creating Quick Tests in C#”, that became the top VS add-in download on MSDN for a while.  This is v2 of that, now for VS05, and also includes my console app template.  The link is to a .msi that will install and uninstall them.

Download the Visual Studio 2005 Templates Quick Code (Project Template)
Ever just want to write a few lines of code to try something new?  I do this almost half a dozen times a day.  This project template has project references to all the System.* namespaces and has “using” directives for many of the most common already in the code to reduce the time it takes to add them.  It is marked as a Windows App so look in the “Output” tool window for its output (instead of a console box). Console Application (Project Template)
I write a lot of console apps and they all take on this basic form.  This includes using an Enum for Exit Codes (ErrorLevel), an embedded text file for the syntax, easy Write() & WriteLine() methods, and an embedded resource for error messages.  If you’re into console apps, you may appreciate this one.

Project & Item Templates
These project templates are just two little .zip files in your “%UserProfile%\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#” directory.  You can yank one if you don’t want it.  Building these is a whole lot easier in VS05 than it was in VS03.NET!  Here’s the MSDN Library entry and an MSDN Magazine article on the topic.

After installing these, you’ll find them in the “Visual C#” node of the “New Project” dialog.
VS New Project Dialog for CoadNet Templates - Small

Since my blog is now hosted by and I work for Microsoft, I’m going to put in this disclaimer that these are in now way being promoted by Microsoft, are official Microsoft releases, or affiliated with Microsoft.  This is a tool that I personal and solely am providing for the convenience of developers everywhere.   Enjoy!

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  1. A better PROMPT for CMD.EXE or Cool Prompt Environment

    Variables and a nice transparent multi-prompt…

  2. Update on 5/2/07: This post has nothing to do with Unit Testing (it was written before I was aware of

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